Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown Is Lovin' It

Every now and again someone hits the political nail on the head to drive home a political point. Some in the political blogsphere are taking the fight to Brown, with a YouTube video produced by ConservativeHome, which gets the message across on the recession - Brown is lovin' it.

The mischievous video has been picked up by Dale, Dizzy and many others. The Orange Party makes no apologies for putting it up here, not least for the Queen soundtrack.

What's particularly galling is that here is a guy gloating, when he caused the economic mess in the first place. 

Today it's all about tax cuts and tax breaks - suggested here a couple of days ago to help put something back in people's pocket, if properly funded. 

Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. Just how they would be paid for is the bone of political contention. 

Tax cuts have been highlighted before by one of the few people who talks sense on the economy, the LibDem's Vince Cable, and now picked up by the government to try to wrong-foot the Tories with their own package of suggestions for tax relief. 

And what's the top story on Drudge in the US today? Yup, a link to news agency Reuters, with Borrowing Brown saving the world from global meltdown, global warming, global this and global that and that New World Order. 

Until now we have had only Bremner, Bird and Fortune in the main stream media to tell it as it really is. 

Of course some will disagree with this attack-dog line. And before Blears bleats on about blogs which burst her bubble - the Orange Party ain't right-wing. 

The US elections saw a huge surge in YouTube videos, often laced with humour and sarcasm, often mischievous and often downright dirty. 

But this curiosity and scepticism makes for healthy politics and a good dose of cynicism, laced with humour doesn't go amiss. 

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