Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can Brown Survive His 'Bigot' Jibe?

Brown's "bigoted woman" jibe is a game-changer. As the media latches on to the insult with a feeding frenzy, much depends on the spinners' damage limitation, how the media reacts and how Brown comes to terms with a nasty remark which could end his political career.

However much the spinners try to wriggle, this was an unmitigated disaster. Any trust, honesty or respect has been blown out of the window with one insulting unguarded remark.

Whatever happens between now and polling day, Brown is a broken man. Broken by the very voters he holds in so much contempt. And it took a pensioner from Rochdale to show up the sham of a two-faced hypocrite.

A ranting Brown caught out calling a salt-of-the-earth 'ordinary woman' "bigoted", forgeting his radio mic was still live as he got into his car.

A humiliated Brown head in hands with a so-called 'apology' in the full glare of the media as the insulting jibe was played back to him.

And in the middle of the media frenzy an ordinary pensioner, Rochdale lass and past Labour voter, Mrs Duffy.

A woman who was just passing by and wanted some answers to the sort of questions foremost on the minds of voters - immigration and the economy. The kind of 'policy' issues Brown is said to be so keen on, as long as it's not immigration.

A real person with real concerns clearly very upset and very annoyed at being branded a 'bigot'.

The Orange Party is sickened by the appalling attitude of Brown, the spinners and the utter contempt for voters with such cruel off-hand remarks.

It is Mrs Duffy's interview afterwards that sticks in the mind, much more than Brown's half-baked apology and the political dissection and posturing which is now bound to follow.

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