Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Best Campaign Video - Ever!

As Beaten Brown goes down the pan, time to take stock with probably the best campaign ad. 13 years of disaster and failure from the shamed New Labour Project rolled into one powerful video.

After 13 long years New Labour has certainly run out of time, the country has run out of cash and the Orange Party, like so many disillusioned voters, has run out of patience.

The grim reminder comes in a powerful Tory attack video. A disaster movie looking back on more than a decade of the New Labour sham.

13 years of lies, deceit and spin kept going by the slick snake-oil salesmanship of Blair, sinister spin of Campbell, shifty skulduggery of Mandelson and strategic strategy of Gould, all propped up with a smattering of shifty accounting by Brown.

The Orange Party has long been running its own New Labour Hall of Shame (right side bar) to show up the sham of more than a decade of failure.

Today a Sun dossier puts New Labour in the dock. A dossier that shames New Labour on health, unemployment, crime, the economy, immigration, education, the armed forces and families.

After 13 years, voters are finally waking up to the con and given a chance to boot out the party of failure.

With luck and a fair wind, a long-suffering public won't have to be duped by any more spin and hype from the Gang of Four who hijacked the Labour Party for their own ends with Borrowing Brown brought in to cook the books.

Voters - real people - will decide whether to consign the fag-end government to the dustbin marked disaster, leaving a failed, shamed New Labour brand as a sad and embarrassing footnote in history.

Top picture: Peter Brookes, The Times


Unknown said...

What a brilliant video! Seems it leaves nothing out. They've even remembered the old timer getting forcibly chucked out of the Labour conference by anti-terrorist police. They should have delivered a copy of this on DVD to every home in the country.

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic video.
With the frantic election campaign I had forgotten many of the things that Labour had got so badly wrong.

The election has now taken place and we're in a hung parliament situation.

In my opinion it seems to me that many people have voted Labour for two reasons:
a)they've always voted Labour and will always continue to do so.

I know people that are still entrenched with the idea that Labour are for the ordinary working class people and the Tories will only benefit the rich.
But then I have to say, they're not the most intelligent of people.

b)People didn't know for whom to vote and made an arbritary decision and didn't analyse

I've heard of people making the decision for whom to vote when they walked into the polling station!

We're in a mess now.

It it my genuine belief, that anyone with a modicum of intelligence that examines Labour's record objectively can not vote Labour.

Those that vote Labour haven't examined Labour's record in its entirety. The good and the bad.
I can find very little good in what Labour have done over the last 13 years, but there's a ton of bad things they've done!