Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama-Chicago's Mr Cellophane

Despite the blatant media bias, Obama is looking increasingly transparent as voters start to see through Chicago's Mr Cellophane.

It's Palin now, selling papers, in Murdoch's Sunday Times. The polls are not looking good. Democrats and Obama supporters look to the polls to gauge success but the expected big bounces are just not happening. Not for them anyway. Even the Obama-skewed CBS News poll now shows a tie.

It was all going so well. The slick marketing machine had done the groundwork. The media was on side and on message. Murdoch had issued the order to his troops. 

The cash was flowing in. The power of the internet was harnessed for viral support. The Chosen One was riding high in the polls. Up against an old timer, tainted by Bush. 

Lawsuits over eligibility, funding probes, links with very dodgy Chicago characters? Forgetaboutit. Next stop the White House.

Crafty footwork at the convention side-lined Clinton. Running-mate Biden, a funny old choice, grabbed some headlines. 

The Hollywood-style stadium speech, planned during the Berlin extravaganza, attracted TV's millions. 

Then along came Wonder Woman, in the shape of Sarah Palin. Internet lies and smears, so gleefully picked up by the media, didn't dent her appeal. 

Gustav came to the rescue - McCain and Palin were in the right place at the right time. 

Many were dragged screaming and kicking to force to admit the hockey-mom's convention speech was "electrifying".

And that old-timer? Murdoch's Foxy TV ran an Obama interview during McCain's speech. It made no difference. 

McCain has a powerful story to tell, a hell of a fight left in him and a pitbull with lipstick for a running-mate, who won't be on Oprah's sofa.

So where does that leave Obama?

Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...

Lyrics and picture from the musical, Chicago: Mr Cellophane
In the closing weeks of the race for the White House, it will be out on the stump, the set-piece TV debates, the media positioning, the viral internet campaigning and TV ads that will decide whether voters will see right through Him. 


Pit master said...

Do you write anywhere why you are so hostile to Mr Obama?

the orange party said...

The US is about to elect the most powerful person on the planet. The leader of the free world. And that affects all of us.
Until recently, the Main Stream media, for whatever reasons, was showing a very unhealthy bias towards Obama.
In US elections the media has an important role to play to hold a candle up to all the candidates. But this wasn't happening.
It is not hostility per se. The observations made here chime with the views of many respected US journalists who are just trying to inject a dose of reality.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a US vote.

You are right on the myth v myth contest. Obama set himself up; Palin brought him down. McCain is a Pentagon brat, yet he is being successfully huckstered as a Change-master while Obama is smeared as a "pork barreler." As for the secret racist lag, over here it is believed that it is about 2%. McCain is already ahead; that momentum will take his tired ideas into the White House. As inept as was Bush in the Afghan-Iraq misadventures, McCain would do worse, given his venality, myopism and pathological elitism.

McCain dad died at 70; grandad at 61. Miss Airhead will bury that old fart within a couple of years.
Anyway, laugh at this:

Nobody is debating unipolarism v multipolarism, even though the latter is more amenable to most people in the world.

Obama could use a dose of materialism.