Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why Would Anyone Believe Porkie Brown?

Porkie Brown's vague election 'pledges' have a shallow, hollow ring to them. The latest in a long line of lies. But even after 13 long years of disaster and failure, some seem happy to go along with fingers in their ears.

Who in their right mind would trust the son of a highwayman to stand and then deliver? Puffed up 'pledges' written on the back of a fag packet from a fag-end government. But 'pledges' serve their purpose for the struggling Supreme Leader to come over all pseudo-statesmanlike.

The Orange Party long believed the politics of false hope and optimism is alive and well, lying in wait and living in Porkie Brown's La-La-Land. A powerful weapon to be wielded at voters.

Obama's 'Audacity of Hype' and phoney baloney Blair's 'Journey', now spun in Brown Sauce Land. The jury is still out on whether a duplicitous Dave's double act will be his swan song.

After exposing lying Brown's dreadful deceit over defence cuts, Channel 4's FactCheck has done a demolition job, exposing Brown lies on migration.

"As we found out just over a week ago he’s developed an alarming tendency to get his figures wrong," notes Cathy Newman.

Not for the first time, Newman has the bit between her teeth, running 'Brown's migration muddle' through the magnificent FactCheck. And what a load of old codswallop it turned out to be.

“Some people talk as if net inward migration is rising. In fact, it is falling – down from 237,000 in 2007, to 163,000 in 2008, to provisional figures of 147,000 last year,” was the claim from the podcast PM.

But Newman points out Porkie Brown was drawing numbers from two different sets of statistics. Cherry-picking figures to suit dodgy ends.

Even after a good spin the truth always comes out in the wash. Newman concludes: "Gordon Brown has done it again ... he’s misled the public by comparing the most flattering data for the latest year with the most unflattering data in the previous years."

State propaganda fudge, fixes and fiddles are the weapons of choice from a failed fag-end government to capture and control the media narrative.

The sham of spinning a deficit while leave a mountain of debt behind has long been a bugbear of the Orange Party and Fraser Nelson at the Spectator. Now Iain Martin at his WSJ blogs "Alistair Darling and His Genius Debt Dodge". Brown spin over debt and deficit, with rigged 'GDP' and fantasy growth. Brown lies over defence cuts. Brown lies over immigration figures.

Sly NHS cuts brought in by backdoor stealth rather than face a backlash on the doorstep. Misleading ads over fiddled policing figures, dodgy diplomas and a climate-change con pulled by the watchdogs.

Brown is a dab hand at dodgy data. Brought in by the Gang of Four to cook the books and fiddle the figures. Now lashings of Brown sauce are being poured over Westminster and Whitehall and all over election weary voters.

As to be expected, opinion polls are narrowing as the election draws nigh and voter intentions harden. But even taking the rogue New Labour supporting Kellner's YouGov out of the polling pool, the outcome is still as clear as mud.

Some suckers are happy to be taken in by the sham with an obsessive, unhealthy loyalty to the New Labour brand and the disgrace of a discredited prime minister lurking in the shadows.

The Orange Party's rule of thumb is that the ones with the most to lose are the ones banging the drum most loudly.

Spinning and trying to set a political narrative is all part of the election game. An election of policies and personality. But trust and honesty is at the heart of the election.

In a country crying out for change, voters will soon decide whether to stick with the lying Brown devil they know or the Dave they don't.

Debt graphic: Burningourmoney


Friday, March 26, 2010

Policing Spinners Caught With Pants Down

Government 'good news' spinners have been caught with their propaganda pants down, forced to pull a misleading policing puff after advertising watchdogs banned blatant bullshit over bobbies on the beat. All part of a pre-election spending splurge at the taxpayers' expense.

The dodgy policing ad was all over the airways with all the deceit of a double-glazing salesman. A blatant bid to flam up a failed fag-end government with taxpayers' cash.

Spin it out. Use taxpayers' cash to bankroll propaganda. Cash-strapped New Labour's plan to capture, control and dominate the media with public cash.

Now a £5m home office advertising campaign highlighting one of New Labour's key election policies is to be banned by the advertising industry watchdog, according to the Guardian.

The advertising standards authority has told the home office that its television adverts highlighting the government's "policing pledge" - that neighbourhood officers can now be expected to spend 80% of their time on the beat - is to be banned with immediate effect.

In a leaked adjudication, the ASA says the ad breaches its "legal, decent, honest, truthful" code because it is misleading on at least three counts. But that still leaves the misleading message planted on the mind.

The shameless New Labour spending splurge with blatant party political propaganda dressed up as public information has long been a bugbear of the Orange Party. New Labour has continued to highjack the airwaves, as part of the sham to prop up a 'good news' feel good factor.

Spending on biased and misleading bids to blow the trumpet for failed New Labour policies with backdoor electioneering jumped by almost 50% during the past four years, costing taxpayers' a record £214m.

Figures from advertising budgets monitor, Nielsen, shows the extent of the sham. The government spent £145m in 2006, rising to £160m in 2007 and £193m in 2008. In New Labour's 1997 heyday, spending was just £45m.

State advertising was £13 million in December - yet surged to £34 million last month.

Fraser Nelson noted in the Spectator that the government has unleashed "the biggest propaganda spend in British history with a mass propaganda splurge to rig the election."

Brown and his ministerial cronies are clearly planning to use every trick in the government book and squeeze out every ounce of taxpayers' cash in their dying days of failure and fudge.

Ofcom was already investigating complaints over the home office’s “policing pledge” TV advert. Undermined by a home office adviser and former police federation chairman, who said officers were overloaded with red tape and so spent an average of just 13.6% of their shift on the beat.

The ASA said the ad was misleading because while it said that 80% of officers' time would be spent "on the beat", it did not make it clear this included, er, duties other than patrolling the streets. What a farce.

And the ad did not make it sufficiently clear that the "pledge" doesn't apply to all 140,000 police officers in England and Wales - only the 13,500 neighbourhood constables and 16,000 community support officers in neighbourhood policing teams. What a con.

The struggling Supreme Leader and his jumped up home secretary, Johnson, had placed New Labour's crime and justice policy at the centre of the election campaign, highlighted the neighbourhood 'policing pledge'.

The now banned film was part of a TV, radio, press and online campaign launched last November, with a leaflet drop to more than 6m households in 60 areas across the country. Fiddled figures are used in New Labour campaign leaflets.

Ministers have been ratcheting up spending on ‘good news’ like there's no tomorrow, conjuring up upbeat messages of spring optimism as a well-entrenched New Labour marketing tool.

But using taxpayers cash to fund a series of high-profile adverts to trumpet the success of New Labour policies has led to complaints of bias and misleading the public.

Last year Balls' bloated bullshit department spent £2.7m advertising a new diploma, claiming it was “accepted by all universities”. Only to have the advert pulled in October when it emerged that not all institutions recognised the Mickey Mouse qualification.

The recent government advertising blitz has the Directgov 'government information service' at the centre of the sham. Political propaganda by a Party using public funds to boost its general election campaign.

Fiddled policing figures, discredited diplomas and climate-change con ads - all pulled for pulling the wool over the eyes of the public.

After 13 years in power, the arrogant government now firmly believes it is the state, with a compliant civil service at its beck and call.

For Shameless Brown and his spinning government, the tools of the state are just weapons in the election war to push party political propaganda. All paid for by the taxpayer.

Mid graph: Spectator

Update 4pm: Tories are demanding Brown retracts the misleading New Labour policing campaign literature.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deceitful Darling's Budget Bunkum Debunked

Desperate Darling has been touting around his debt for hire as much of the media saw through the sham of a fantasy election manifesto dressed up as 'Budget Day', debunking Deceitful Darling's budget bunkum.

"If this financial statement had been delivered by a major company, the Fraud Squad would have been called in," was one of the kinder comments coming from Peter Oborne writing in the Mail, as much of the media saw through the con.

The Orange Party posted up a budget pre-piece - A fake Budget for a failed economy - nodded off during Dreadfully Dull Darling's deceitful drone and woke up refreshed to find the last post still ringing true in the ears. And refreshed that much of the media hadn't been taken in by the 'Budget Day' con-trick.

A deceitful mix of fiddles, fixes and fudge with the sham of fantasy 'growth' for Darling's Fantasy Island at the heart of the pack of lies.

No wonder Deceitful Darling ducked out of the BBC Today prog. Empty-chaired, refusing to go head to head with Honest Osborne. Though finding time to pop up everywhere else like a rash in bid to capture and control the media narrative with Brown sauce and Mandy spin.

The Orange Party has been banging on for an age about the deceitful disgrace of using fantasy 'growth' to spin the lie of halving the deficit while leaving a mountain of national debt behind.

Now Deceitful Darling's cunning plan to claim the country's borrowing is set to halve over the next four years has been seized on swiftly as not quite the same thing as halving the national debt.

Dull Darling read out a fudge-it budget conjuring up every low trick in the smoke and mirrors accounting book with Pussycat Peter's paw prints all over the chancer chancellor.

"From Robin Hood to Alistair in Wonderland". And that was from the Guardian's Michael whiter-than-White.

A fairytale budget that doesn't deal with the realities of the budget deficit with a projected national debt of £1.4 trillion in five years time. And no department spending review this side of the election, leaving a mighty multi-billion pound black hole to be plugged.

A phoney baloney flammed up farce and pre-election puff. The air filled with a whiff of spring optimism. Nick a Tory idea over stamp duty then wrong foot them with a bit of 'soaking the rich'. "Nakedly political," thundered The Times. Leave the scent of austerity and belt-tightening lingering behind.

The City seems to have given up the ghost of the Budget Day sport of poring over figures and picking holes as a pretty pointless waste of time. "Darling ducks deficit challenge," groaned the FT. The real hard 'budget' however it is dressed up will come after the election.

With an election weeks away, the 'Budget' was always set to be a holding spin operation. Apart from a law to collect taxes, sly spending cuts are already being slipped in. Hidden stealth taxes are due to kick in next month.

The well spun 'Budget Day' was the last big 'event' and last roll of the election dice before Bottling Brown finally gets round to naming the day. A dull, meaningless election manifesto. All part of a deceitful plan to pick up a few straggling votes.

Tomorrow's another day - and that election call is getting closer by the day.

Top picture: Tory budget attack stunt


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fake Budget Farce For Failed Economy

The farce of a fake budget for a failed economy is set to be foisted on wised-up voters from a fag-end government. Dreadful Darling is trying to fool voters with a pre-election manifesto of Brown sauce dressed up as 'Budget Day'. A cunning plan to conjure up a budget sham of spin, fiddles and fudge.

Dreadful Darling's dull 'budget' is set to be spun and sprung on a sceptical suspecting public, throwing a few promised crumbs to jittery money markets and all forgotten by the weekend.

A phoney baloney flammed up farce and pre-election puff. Fill the air with a whiff of spring optimism leaving the scent of austerity lingering behind. Wrong foot then tie down Tories.

The Budget Day sport of poring over figures, picking holes is pretty pointless. With an election weeks away, the 'Budget' will be no more than a holding spin operation apart from a law to collect taxes, with sly spending cuts already slipped in and hidden stealth taxes due to kick in next month.

The real hard 'Budget' will come hard on the heels of the election whatever colour and flavour of the new parliament. Only then will voters be told the full scale of the cuts that everyone knows is needed to get the country out of the economic Brown mess.

The message will be upbeat. The politics of false optimism is now a well-entrenched New Labour marketing tool. But with no cash in the kitty there can be no pre-election give-aways and bribes. "A sensible workmanlike budget" is how Darling described it, already spilling a few budget beans to pals in the BBC.

But with no comprehensive spending review this side of the election, department ministers won't know how much they can squander - unless you're full of Balls. And that leaves a mighty black hole to be plugged.

The last throw of the election dice with a dull, meaningless budget manifesto, is all part of the deceitful plan to screw the Tories and pick up a few straggling votes. Craftily focussing on the sham of a 'growth' deficit - how much more the government has to borrow than it spends - but not getting to grips with Borrowing Brown's monstrous debt mountain.

Using rigged ONS figures, it now seems the chancellor has not to borrow as much as he thought, goes the spin. Well whoopee dee. 'Only' £132 billion against an estimate of £178 billion. £132 billion is still £5,666 for every household in the country. And that's apart from the £200 billion of funny money swilling around.

The City wants hard evidence of using any spare cash to pay back the monstrous debt. But the spin has been to waffle around cutting the GDP deficit using fantasy 'growth' predictions. Any talk about 'spending' a bit of the 'windfall' is a cock-eyed way of living in La-La land when any spending relies on borrowed money and borrowed time.

The borrowing spin is already fanning the flames of false optimism with fiddled GDP figures. The bogeyman of crucial GDP growth figures out for Q1 on April 23 is set to be spun as 'good news' with another rigged recovery. Ministers insist on churning out the line they will "halve the deficit in four years". Halve the deficit with fantasy growth, while still leaving the crippling borrow and spend debt burden.

The EU commission has told the government to stop pouring Brown sauce over the dire economy with a crafty 'growth' con to cut the whopping budget deficit. But without that fictional 'growth', the Brown economy would collapse round his ears like a pack of cards.

Dull Darling will read out a fudge-it budget for Fantasy Island but Pussycat Peter's paw prints have been all over the chancellor like a rash in the budget battle between Darling Mandy and Brown Balls. Anyone who thinks the economy will spin itself into a remarkable recovery is living in cloud cuckoo land.

Firing a Brown broadside for his economic record cooking the books and fiddling the figures, Peter Hoskin over at the Spectator has already pointed out: "Brown & Co. certainly have a track record when it comes to underestimating borrowing totals. Throw in Brown's various off-balance sheet ruses, and the future borrowing position is likely to be considerably worse than Darling's forecasts."

Tories know where to hit where it hurts. Posters soon will be hot of the press. Honest Osborne has already waded in: "We need leadership and new vision, but instead I fear we will get Alistair Darling's swan song."

Fake 'Budget Day' is just part of the pre-election plan to capture and dominate the media narrative.

Soon the public will not have to suffer the sham spin fiddles and fudge of 'global' this and that, 'downturns' and 'deficits' used to dupe voters and mask economic reality.

Borrowing Brown and his economic mess has left a future that's not bright. The future is belt-tightening. The phoney budget fires the starting gun in the election battle between Tory 'authenticity' and New Labour 'artificiality'.

Update 10.40am: Portugal's credit rating has been downgraded by a leading credit rating agency because of mounting debt. Have a nice day, Darling.

Top graphic: Sun. Mid graphic: Burningourmoney


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Auntie Serves Up Lashings Of Brown Sauce

Dear old Auntie has been finding it all hard going as the lobbygate shit hit the fan fingering New Labour ex-ministers in the thick of it. Grovelling around to find anything to knock it off top spot and serving up lashings of Brown sauce.

The shame and scandal of New Labour ex-cabinet ministers and an expenses-ridden MP touting themselves around for hire in Lobby Land was too much to take.

The BBC has given up the ghost. The compliant state broadcaster has finally caved in to the ruthless demands of the Brown spin machine.

Taking a leaf out of the Tucker book of spin, grasping at straws to push it off the bulletins. If nothing jumps up and grabs - here's one prepared earlier. If that doesn't work - make it up.

Most of yesterday was blocked out flogging Obama's health care horse, set to be signed off breaking his election promise. Not sure that got the tongues wagging in Wigan. Then finally forced to admit defeat when the New Labour lobbygate scandal refused to lie down and die.

ITV 10pm News put 'Sam the Mam' in top spot. Something that was talked about and joked about in non-PC pub land. Political editor Bradby was lost for words with disbelief in the latest twist of the 'MPs for hire' scandal, which probably summed up the mood of voters.

Today it was time to try it on with a rehashed ruse of MPs on an expenses junket - to show how all MPs, of all parties, are at it at the taxpayers' expenses. Nope. Still didn't work.

Meanwhile 'Toenails' Robinson has been hard at work, pushing the Brown spin that the Party's suspension of the lobbying three was just payback time for trying to prise out the struggling Supreme Leader.

Seemingly oblivious that earlier Bunkered Brown was "satisfied no impropriety has occurred." Seemingly oblivious to the fact that blabbing Byers had fingered Adonis and Mandy in stitched-up squalid deals with National Express and Tesco.

In a last-ditch bid to do Downing Street's bidding, here's one Tucker prepared earlier.

Drag out the old chestnut of a dastardly Israeli diplomat booted out of the country over fake passports after those rotten Israeli hit-men got up to no good, taking out a Hamas thug.

Kol HaKavod! as some would say in Hebrew. Bananaboy Miliband decides today to throw the 'diplomat' out of the country. What a coincidence. In the murky world of spooky spies and hit-men, the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Can't help feeling a bit of BBC Israel-bashing creeping in here.

The saintly Sun recently blasted the BBC over claims of anti-Tory bias. The Orange Party wasn't sure it was that simple. More a compliant BBC News, Brown-beaten into submission in the dirty tricks world of electioneering politics which would make even Bush's Karl Rove blush.

The sooner Bottling Brown names the day and BBC News is forced back into a balanced, unbiased box the better.

Rant over. Nursie's coming with some light relief to take away the pain. Time to take the medicine and lie down in a darkened room. Fake 'Budget Day' farce from a fag-end government tomorrow.


Dirt Dished On Dirty Lobbying Secret

Dispatches dished the dirt on dirty lobbying secrets. The stench of sleaze fills the House of Shame. No surprise to voters with eyes open to a greasy, greed-driven Westminster world.

Greedy New Labour ex-ministers and an expenses-riddled MP have been finally suspended from the Party of Sleaze after being caught out on the take in a lobbying sting.

Channel 4 'Dispatches' lobbygate scandal was more shocking than original revelations exposed in The Sunday Times. The blasé way ex-cabinet ministers were willing to prostitute themselves in the lobby with bare-faced cheek, at the going rate of thousands of pounds a day, just beggared belief.

Spinners claimed Bunkered Brown was satisfied there was "no impropriety". Hattie sang the same hymns in the House of Shame. But that was before Dispatches dished the dirt, exposing a Party riddled with sleaze and corruption and rotten to the core.

What shocked the Orange Party was how the four were so blatant, leaving all MPs tarred with the same dirty brush.

'Cab for hire' Byers bent over backwards to spill the beans, along with 'Healthcare' Hewitt and 'Sicknote' Moran. 'Buff' Hoon joked about living up to his name.

Crony Blair peer, Morgan, and Tory wannabe lord, Butterfill, were a couple of bit-players also fingered in the sting. No hope of ermine now for 'Fill-your-boots' Butterfill.

At the heart of the disgrace is the Byers brag that he stitched up squalid deals over National Express and Tesco food labelling with New Labour crony ministers, Adonis and Mandy. The unelected two, left wriggling around in the can of worms changing their tune, would be the last straw.

Faced with fuming backbenchers and the embarrassing truth, the lobbying 'MPs for hire' were suspended in a Downing Street damage limitation spin after Blustering Brown had earlier ruled out an inquiry. Kinda screws up the original Brown sauce that everything was hunky-dory in Lobby Land.

But would Brown bosses have rounded on the three ex-ministers if they had not been part of pathetic Blairite plots to oust the struggling Supreme Leader? Revenge it seems is a dish best served in the cold whips office.

What goes around comes around. As the Orange Party ranted on Sunday: "It's now 16 years since Phoney Pharaoh, Mohamed al-Fayed, burst the cosy, crony Westminster bubble claiming he can “hire an MP the way you hire a London taxi” while stuffing wads of cash into brown envelopes and helping to bring down a sleaze-ridden Tory government."

The squalid scandal of MPs' expenses. Now the greedy world of the lobbying politics of power and influence has been forced out into the open, hard up to a general election. All shockingly foretold in Oborne's The Triumph of the Political Class. Another dirty disgrace waiting to be exposed and a shameful greed-driven accident waiting to happen.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wind Knocked Out Of Wind Farm Sails

The wind has been knocked out of the sails of the wind farm eco-con, finally exposed as a load of hot air. A sales gimmick to puff up eco-credentials and make a fat profit from taxpayer-funded government subsidies. What's the point of subsidy-guzzling wind farms? The answer isn't blowing in the wind.

"Spring is here. Sure fire proof of global warming," waffled the slick eco-salesman. "Every little helps," he added, turning on the charm and turning up the heat, with a sales pitch to save the planet - and trouser a fat government subsidy on the back of the multi billion pound carbon trading scam.

Wind-swept Blighty is going wind farm crazy, over-run with thousands of the noisy brutes, with 245 wind farms built to date. But all is not what it seems in the land of greenwash.

The Sunday Times reports the first detailed study of the country’s onshore wind farms, revealing that more than 20 produce less than a fifth of their potential 'maximum power output' with landscapes paying a high price for the small price of 'green' energy.

Blustery Blyth Harbour, Northumberland, is thought to be the worst in the country, operating at just 7.9% 'maximum capacity'. Chelker reservoir, North Yorkshire managed a feeble 8.7%. Even the big newer sites fared badly, according to 2008 data released by energy regulator Ofgem.

Time and again theoretical 'maximum figures' are trotted out, claiming levels of power output that has never been achieved, to dupe planning authorities. Figures from Neta, which provides data from the wholesale electricity market, show the piddling amount produced by onshore wind farm sites.

The Orange Party is bemused by wind turbines, fluttering in the breeze with little power generated. Are they having a laugh?

Figures have to be treated with caution say 'experts'. Output can vary sharply because of factors such as "breakdowns". But what's the point of having a turbine if it keeps breaking down?

What does it cost to build and maintain them? How long will a wind farm need to operate to repay the capital cost? And how much energy is produced that can be realistically called 'green', when huge amounts of energy and industrial pollution have gone into digging up the metal to produce the damn things in the first place?

Revelations come as no surprise to a long-suffering public forced to put up with the monsters on their doorstep or a landscape blighted in the greedy, green gold rush.

A booming industry has sprung up on the back of the scam of a “renewable obligation” subsidy, with consumers paying roughly double the normal price for energy from wind and a subsidy sham encouraging the construction of wind farms.

Wind industry drum-beaters say the country’s "ambitious targets for clean power" mean the country needs “every bit of green energy it could generate”. Pull the other one. Would any be built without the taxpayer subsidy to developers, making profits from the taxpayer and not from wind energy?

Greed not green has fuelled the wind farm con. But compared to solar power, onshore wind is just a bad smell. Even green eco-giant, Monbiot, has waded in, warning of the “great green rip-off” of solar panels and the feed-in tariff. Solar panels may be middle-class status symbols but they are “perfectly useless”, writes Monbiot.

As the Orange Party has noted before, green is the new gold. But a greenwashed weary public can look on the bright side, with spanking new energy-efficient light bulbs.

More than 142 million were shipped out 'free' by energy companies to save the planet and profits. But there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free 'lightbulb'.

According to a Which? energy supplier investigation, customers have been forced to fork out £45 on top of their energy bills to pay for the privilege of falling down the stairs with a useless 'light' bulb, to help energy suppliers avoid fines.

All to prop up the government's flagship Carbon Emissions Reductions Target (CERT). The Orange Party take a very dim view of that.

Consumers, industry and the countryside are paying a high price for useless "green" electricity and stealth "green" taxes. Wind farms full of hot air. Eco-warriors taking the shine off solar panels. All on the back of a man-made global warming con, washed down with the bitter taste of greenwash.

Top pictures: From members of the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW). Cartoon: Matt, Telegraph.