Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shlock Band 'Cleggies' Spin Worn Out Record

Clapped-out shlock band, the Cleggies, have re-released an old single in a forlorn fight-back. Leader, Nasty Nick, hopes Pot Calls The Kettle Black will top the political hit parade. But it's set to fall on deaf ears.

With their usual abysmal lack of timing and tact, the little Party for the little people has finally woken up, smelt the Fairtrade coffee and realised a general election is just around the corner.

But instead of rounding on the shameful sham of a government who got the country into a mess, Libby leader Nasty Nick has accused Delectable Dave of being a ‘conman’ who will say anything to win the next election. Well knock me down with a wet Liberal Weekly.

Calamitous Clegg has come out of the closet flaunting his Social Democrat New Labour credentials. In a speech heavily trailed in advance, he has chosen to brush aside Borrowing Brown and turn on "Conman Cameron" and the Conservatives who will "promise whatever they think it takes to get elected".

Er, isn't that what politicians do to try to win votes? Saying something is better than just aimlessly a-huffin' and a-puffin' your way along.

Name calling is a big turn off for voters. Alliteration to capture soundbites and headlines is a cheap stunt. Conman Cameron? That's a bit rich coming from the Party who plumbed the depths for a telegenic Blair lookalike.

Sure cuddly Cameron comes with a Blair health warning. He talks the talk, walks the walk. Mr Ambition may be all things to all men, the heir to Blair. But judging by opinion polls, voters are warming to him. Just pray he doesn't turn into a post election 'straight kinda guy'.

All things to all men? Isn't that the name of the Clegg-Cable double act?

LibDems have a leader waiting in the wings, in the shape of seer Saint Vince consistently riding high in the popularity stakes. Clearly Clegg doesn't like riding on the back of Saint Vince. It's time the men and women in grey sandals came for the walking disaster that is Clegg. He's a bigger liability than bunkered, bumbling, borrowing Brown.

The country's on its knees, run by a desperate bunch of has-beens and unelected hangers on, limping along in a dying government.

Only last year Clegg announced a sensible strategy to target resources on 50 New Labour seats in the general election. Now confusingly forming an 'anti-Tory attack unit' smacks of LibDem desperation. Could Clegg ever bring himself to get into bed with a 'conman' in a hung parliament?

The election phoney war is now a battle of the 'savage cuts'. This should be the time for radical, constructive, not destructive, words from the little Party leader.

Smearing New Labour henchmen tried it on with the 'Tory Toffs' line and it back-fired. Why should Clegg think his tactic will fair any better? Voters have more sense than to listen to cobbled together cobblers.

In election after recent by-election, LibDems are going nowhere. There's no reason to suppose things will get any better at the general election with the Nowhere Man in charge.

Clegg was elected as a Blair type. All style and no substance. Big mistake. No one understands or cares what he's talking about. His confusing and disgraceful support over the undemocratic farce that is the new EU Constitution/Treaty didn't win him any friends. No one listens to Euro-boy Clegg, except his fan-club in the BBC and the Guardianistas.

New Labour must be loving' it. Liberals are Labour's traditional enemy, not the Tories. Labour stalwarts reserve a particular distaste for 'Liberals' usually spat out between gritted teeth.

Just where is Clegg coming from? In the muddled, confused world of LibDem politics, the answer is as clear as mud.

He has all the hallmarks of the New Labour Political Class and EU Political Elite. From prep-school to public school then Cambridge, reading Mickey Mouse archaeology and anthropology for the 'nice but dim', then a political career in the EU. Nicholas William Peter Clegg, like many of the new breed of political elite shortens to the 'call me Tony' moniker.

The LibDems are going nowhere in the opinion polls but have only themselves to blame. Instead of coming over all radical, they chose a New Labour clone with a daft haircut who looks OK on telly but bores the pants off voters.

The LibDems made their Cleggy bed and they'll have to sleep in it with a windbag leader taking the Party to new depths at the next election.

Conman Cameron? How Numbskull Nick must wish he could pull off that one. The Orange Party can't help thinking there's a little bit of sour grapes in that shlock jock's jibes.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Will Shamed Scotland Get Off Scot Free?

The heat is on the country's top law officer after being caught out employing an illegal immigrant. But there's one law for the masses and one rule for the ruling elite. Revelations that fancy-titled Patricia Scotland employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper, flies in the face of the 2007 UK Borders Act. But Shamed Scotland looks set to get off Scot free.

Scotland wouldn't last five minutes if a scandal like this blew up in the US. But here corruption and arrogance are rife. It's part and parcel of a fag-end government drunk on power propped up by a crony culture which thinks it can get away with anything.

What hope is there for common folk when even the country's most senior law officer faces only a wishy-washy probe after admitting she employed an illegal migrant?

It took all day before the usual spin was in place after the Mail revealed the employee had overstayed her student welcome. That is hardly surprising. Scotland is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Hiding behind the usual smokescreen, Shameless Scotland insists that she did not knowingly employ an illegal immigrant. But ignorance is no defence in the eyes of this law.

The UK Border Agency's own leaflet for employers warns quite clearly: “Not knowing is no excuse”. It also makes clear that it is the responsibility of employers to check the immigration status of people they hire.

Predictably Macavity Brown is hoping it will all blow over and he get get on with the job of ruining the country. The attorney-general he said, had apologised to him for what she claimed was an “inadvertent mistake”. So that's alright, then?

Referring the whole issue to the UK immigration authorities is a neat device to hide behind the old excuse of showing willing and 'obeying the rules'. But these are not rules - this is the law of the land.

The onus is on the employers to prove they took all reasonable steps to make sure the employee wasn't illegal. That means checking and copying all the official documents showing entitlement to work.

The Telegraph today reports on a hapless Italian couple who were caught out and had to face a hefty £10,000 fine for mistakenly hiring two illegal immigrants even though they had National Insurance numbers for both. But then they are not part of the cosy political elite with their feet under Brown's cabinet table.

This half-baked law was introduced with a fanfare to show how tough the government is over illegal immigrants. Paying lip-service, Liam Byrne, now a home office minister, said: "We have to close down the illegal jobs that tempt people to try their luck coming to Britain.”

The very law was promoted by unelected minister Scotland, who helped push the draconian legislation through parliament.

Thanks to Ian Dale we now know Scotland's views on illegal immigrants: "We are cracking down hard on employers who flout the immigration laws." (Baroness Scotland, Lords Hansard, 13 June 2007, col 1697)

How can Ms Scotland get away with it? A clue lies in Hattie's new equalities "milestones" list of prominent women - where predictably Scotland figures prominently. The list goes to great lengths to name check New Labour politicians like Abbott and Scotland. (right, click to enlarge)

Politically-biased name checks for Scotland and the sisterhood but poor old Thatcher had been airbrushed out of Harman's history, with no mention of the Iron Lady by name, only a curt: "1979: UK's first woman prime minister".

The scandal of illegal immigrants enticed over here for a better life then branded criminals and forced into slave labour in the shady underbelly of society has been brushed under the carpet. The whole issue of immigration and 'controls' is a shambolic mess with the victims used as political footballs.

The Orange Party has long held the view there should be an amnesty but few are willing to raise their heads above the parapet and offer sensible practical solutions in the vain hope they will all go away.

Meanwhile poor souls suffer with no status and no protection, at the mercy of ruthless exploitation, forced to eek out a squalid, meagre existence in a twilight world.

That however is not the issue. This rotten law is an ass but it is the law. Real or pseudo-liberal bleatings, wouldn't cut any ice in a cold courtroom.

This whole shady charade stinks to high heaven. Brown's attorney-general has broken the law and should be sacked. More revelations in the Sundays please.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boy George Blows Out Brown

Boy George has launched a secret weapon as the battle of the cuts turns into all out war. Bumbling Brown hardly had time to draw breath before shadow chancellor Osborne blew the gaff with secret treasury documents showing two-faced Brown has misled MPs and the public over spending cuts.

Revelations came in the proverbial 'brown' envelope - how apt. Telling it like it is on the Today programme, Osborne revealed the leaked treasury documents show Brown "was planning near 10% cuts in departmental spending" at the time when he had the audacity to attack Tories over similar plans.

Osborne has hit Brown's Achilles' Heel. The muddled mess of nasty Tory Mr 10 percent 'cuts' vs nice New Labour 'investment' went deep. Brown's Tory 0% cuts vs his 0% rise was silly. None of it cut any ice. Thanks in part to vindicated Fraser Nelson's number crunching and graphs over at the Spectator it was exposed as a sham.

The treasury leak, shown in full gory detail here, led to a gleeful Osborne accusing down-in-the-dumps Brown of misleading the commons, misleading the public and telling porkies about his own budget. Voters knew it all along but it tastes good to have all the Brown sauce out in the open with official confirmation. Another nail in the coffin of trust.

Silly-Billy-no-mates Brown's begrudging bleating out the C-word came as a little light relief in the middle of the dismal dance of the living dead but all a tad too late. It had about as much taste as a limp lettuce.

Political posturing over 'cuts later' is the easy option for a fag-end government faced with slashing spending after more than a decade of a £3 trillion wasteful spending spree.

As the Orange Party posted yesterday, the eye-watering £175 billion national debt begs the questions of who, what, where, when and how will the axe fall. All in a grammatically incorrect sentence.

The Orange Party is starting to warm to Boy George who's stuck his neck out and long-warned of the dire state of the country's finances. He gets it in the neck a lot from enemies in the City but that's par for the course with the on-going cat fight and dark briefings from Pussycat Peter.

Osborne did raise a few true blue eyebrows when he let slip the cuts axe could fall on £30 billion worth of big ticket defence projects, seemingly oblivious to the fact that most were already in the pipeline.

Way to go, Leftie. A £20 billion useless Eurofighter/Typhoon project to bait the Russian bear, £4 billion earmarked for two shiny new aircraft carriers to fly the flag and £2.7 billion for a couple of dozen transport aircraft to bring the boys home in a box.

What's the point of more Eurofighters and whooping big aircraft carriers, apart from sucking up to cronies in the defence industry?

Throw in scrapping £20 billion worth of Trident and pull out of the wasteful unwinnable Afghan War and it's a deal. But that's a tad too left of centre, even for the new progressive Boy George.

The Times splashed with a pop at Osborne over defence cuts to keep old guard Tory readership sweet, dragging up an unnamed Tory frontbencher to call Boy George names like "amateurish". But Osborne had the killer punch of a treasury bombshell up his sleeve.

What short memories they have anyway. The days of Brown's Navy Cuts still stick in some throats. Wasn't it Brown who cut defence spending by stealth before the Afghan chickens came home to roost?

The cuts axe has to fall heavily, so why pay lip service to the dying days of Empire?

The Cold War's over. Modern warfare is about helicopter support, boots on the ground with the right kit and special drones to blast the hell out of innocent civilians without getting your hands dirty.

And it makes a change from the usual stomping ground, droning on about health and welfare benefits.

Back in the real world there's only one real issue. Today unemployment tops 2.47m, a 14 year high. Now New Labour will be going into a general election with the shame of 3m on the dole, despite more desperate fixes to fiddle the dole figures.

Bunkered Brown should have listened to the political strategists and the Orange Party and called that election sooner, instead of bumbling around, borrowing and bottling it. But that would have called for a trusted leader with the best interests of the country at heart to avoid a total wipe-out.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Voters Turn C-Word On Brown

Bumbling Brown is being forced to crawl out of the bunker to utter the C-word to trade unionists and the country. But the public is already muttering its own C-word, as an opinion poll shows ‘literally anyone’ would make a better PM. What a sorry state of affairs when the country has to wait with bated breath for deluded Brown to state the bleedin' obvious over cuts. It must be tempting just to stay at home popping the happy pills.

Today's the day the struggling Supreme Leader will finally own up to the fact his fag-end government will have to introduce some public spending cuts to get the country out of recession. No doubt sprinkled with a few choice "tough choices".

It's all a tad too late. Borrowing Brown's missed the boat. He should have come clean sooner rather than dithering around.

But instead of coming clean, the government is set to withdraw to its comfort zone of 'cuts, but not yet' - manna from heaven for the Tories.

The Orange Party suspects this is more about general election political posturing than having the future of the country at heart. It boils down to timing and when the dreaded axe should start to fall. Timing - just a neat political tactic to defuse doubts over a dreadful dithering government until after the election.

Bouncy Brown still thinks he's on a winner playing the 'Tory cuts' card for all its worth as the gloom 'lifts' on recession depression. But a savvy public have seen through the sham. New Labour-loving stooges can argue the government’s approach is right and Tory policy is a recipe for disaster until they're blue in the face.

On Friday, the Orange Party pleaded with the PM to crawl out of the bunker and come clean:

"The public is fed up with the arrogance of a fag-end government. No wonder deluded Brown's depressed. Show some leadership man. Come clean over cuts. Stop political point scoring and sitting on the fence. Let the voting public have their say and decide who to trust with the inevitable axe."

Today's Populous poll for The Times reveals a growing, grumbling 'anyone but Brown' mood in the Labour camp. But there's no-one capable of taking over the helm of Brown's sinking ship. They're swimming against the tide, stuck with silly-Billy-no-mates Brown.

Around half the population believes "literally anyone" from New Labour's top ranks could do a better job than useless Brown. Even daft David Miliband comes out top as an alternative.

Dazed voters are left a muddled mess of mixed messages with Brown's silly 0% Tory cuts vs his 0% rise. 'Nasty' Tory vs 'nice' New Labour cuts doesn't cut any ice. Mindless 'cuts vs investment' is meaningless with a £175 billion debt hanging over the country's head.

Yesterday's speech by Mandy added to the confusion, revealing a man relishing in real power behind the throne. But everyone it seems is waiting for the struggling Supreme Leader to utter the C-word.

Revealing his true dark colours, Mandelson had the audacity to claim deceitful Brown never said that voters faced a choice between 'Tory cuts and Labour investment'. The BBC's ferret, Nick Robinson, was quick to point out fibbing Mandy had rewritten the history of the government's line on public spending cuts.

Today's TUC speech will be served up with a large dollop of Brown sauce claiming Tories cannot be trusted and threaten to put economic recovery at risk. But that's at odds with what the voting public now actually think.

Time after time opinion polls show voters believe spending cuts are inevitable whoever is in power and they actually trust Tories more than New Labour to protect frontline services.

The recent IoD/TPA study showed the way with a sensible £50 billion savings shopping list which would cut spending without hurting essential public services. Throw in scrapping Trident and ending the wasteful Afghan war and it starts to add up.

There's still around six months of cuts claptrap to go before all the Brown sauce will be history. Campbell is doing his bit in the blogosphere. But only his sad, tired old Daily Mirror and the City fats cats' Financial Times are on side.

Axe-weilding Tories haven't got it all their own way. LibDems have published a pamphlet. Bless. But cuddly Cameron is a man with a cunning cuts plan. Voters are starting to like more and more what they see and hear.

What is clear in the minds of voters is that the Tories are right about the urgent need to address the budget deficit. Borrowing beyond the current 175% of GDP is reckless, unsustainable, downright dangerous and disastrous.

Public spending will have to be slashed after more than a decade of a wasteful New Labour spending spree. The questions now are where, when, why and how heavily the axe will fall.

But Bumbling Borrowing Brown can bleat on for all he's worth. Voters don't trust a man obsessively convinced of his own rectitude nor the festering New Labour project, as far as they could throw them.

Top graphic: Gerald Scarfe, Sunday Times. Mid graphic News of the World