Friday, January 09, 2009

Pro-Israel London Rally In Cease-Fire Game

Jewish organisations, fed up with pro-Hamas, pseudo-liberal media bias are planning a pro-Israel rally in London on Sunday, as political leaders continue to jump on the Gaza bandwagon, keen to be seen as players in the cease-fire game. With a wave of anti-Semitic violence and anti-Israel demonstrations in London, Jewish organisations have had enough.

Politicians are strutting around with an eye on photos and headlines, in an effort to boost their popularity and politically correct credentials.

The Orange Party has lost count of the number of political leaders quick to throw in their two penneth using the common theme of "ending the humanitarian suffering of Palestinians" to try to give themselves a popularity boost. But the gap between PR rhetoric and realistic solutions is huge.

Earlier this week, the Orange Party drew attention to the deafening silence from the useless US middle east 'peace' envoy Tony Blair. Sure as eggs is eggs, Blair popped up the following day with meaningless drivel, which captured some headlines but showed him up as a complete waste of space. 

Here, both Brown and foreign secretary Miliband are not averse to the occasional political posturing and the UK government occasionally pops its head above the parapet. But, as a major arms exporter to Israel, the government prefers to keep its head down and export licences for arms sales under wraps. 

With peacemaking comes power and prestige. Now the field is crowded with players including Turkey, Russia, numerous European leaders, the UN Secretary General, Qatar, Egypt and in the background, the US.

Both French president Sarkozy and Egyptian president Mubarak, stand to gain from the media attention. Israel is happy to go along with the cease-fire farce if it helps soften a hostile pro-Arab media, particularly in Europe.

A realistic, lasting and stable cease-fire requires a huge and costly effort to make sure it works, otherwise the violence will start up again and escalate. 

Egypt hasn't stopped Hamas from getting weapons, smuggling them into Gaza and lobbing them at Israel. Europe and France in particular have failed to implement a UN Security Council Resolution which ended the 2006 Lebanon war. 

Fine speeches and an international force have not prevented Palestine's Hizbullah from rebuilding and increasing its arsenal of rockets with its sights on northen Israel. 

European monitors at the Egyptian/Gaza Rafah crossing fled at the first sight of Hamas gunmen. Europeans are good at giving advice but few have the political will to enforce Israeli security when agreements are violated.

The key to ending the conflict rests with the US, where Bush along with Germany's Chancellor Merkel stand out, pinning the blame squarely on Iran-backed Hamas.

The US is the only power that can give credibility to a stable and serious cease-fire agreement. But the US abstention in the UN security vote shows the realism of the US and UK position. The US and UK are over-stretched and over there in Iraq and Afghanistan and cannot afford to divert troops to UN peace-keeping and monitoring forces. 

Meanwhile both the BBC and the Iranian president's favourite broadcaster, Channel 4, continue to play down the attacks on Israel, the wave of anti-Semitic violence escalating in Europe and the pro-Israel street protests, preferring instead to lay the 'humanitarian' charge.

Jewish organisations say they "cannot remain passive to the latest anti-Semitic incidents and anti-Israel demonstrations which have been taking place in the UK" and are due to stage a mass rally of solidarity in Trafalgar Square on Sunday.

What some still fail to realise is that Israel's action have been at least a year in the planning and training. Faced with continued Iran-backed Hamas rocket attacks and total failure to prevent Hamas smuggling in more through the Egyptian tunnel network, Israel will not give up, until its military objectives have been met. 

The stability of any cease-fire will depend on Israel's current military achievements. Any premature end will simply serve as the starting point for the next round in the Iran-backed Hamas avowed intent to wipe out the state of Israel. 


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Set For A Barrow Full Of Banknotes

With the Bank of England slashing interest rates to an historic low, speculation is rife the government will print money to get it off the hook. Brown and his hapless chancellor are losing control of the country's finances and their senses. 

Floundering in economic cloud cuckoo land, their only way out is a barrow full of banknotes. 

The Bank of England's cut to 1.5% is a welcome last-ditch bid to kick start the economy. The Orange Party has predicted before it may well have to come down to zero percent. But with that cut comes the fear of deflation. Printing wads of bank notes is a short-sighted and short-term way to reflate but will help get the government off the hook until after the general election. 

Where the US leads, sadly the UK follows and printing money is exactly the option now being considered by Obama's incoming administration, as faced with a trillion dollar debt, attempts are being made to fool some of the people some of the time. 

It's clear the government hasn't a cat in hell's chance of funding its ridiculous borrowing binge but printing money is fraught with long-term dangers.

Anyone who takes a scant look at economic history can see that. Japan tried and failed. Mugabe prints worthless banknotes. Debt ridden Latin-American countries have become a laughing stock, as they tried the same trick. Germany tried it in the Twenties, leading to rampant inflation, the Nazi Party and people needing wheelbarrows to carry the cash to buy a loaf of bread. 

Brown and Darling have steadfastly buried their heads in the sand, refusing to shoulder any blame for the current economic disaster. The Orange Party has warned time and again the government is in denial about the scale of the economic crisis as it colludes with the BBC to label the recession a 'downturn', in the vain hope one day it will all go away. It won't and the government is fast running out of options.

Bailing out the banks with £37 billion of taxpayers' cash has failed. Now the banks want more money pumped in. Unemployment looks set to rise well beyond three million. Even using the government's smoke and mirrors way of fiddling with off balance sheet accounting, national debt has risen far more than the 44% of GDP, as Brown was forced to rip up his fiscal rules.

For Brown and the government, the solution is even more reckless, short-term fixes. But the political prognosis doesn't look good. 

The Tories are having a hard time getting clear and simple economic messages of thrift and good housekeeping across, as Brown spin goes into overdrive. For the LibDems, Vince Cable, seems to be getting perilously close to a deal with the government, which the Orange Party has previously predicted could happen. 

Slashing interest rates and printing more money is a quick fix which would release a flood of extra cash but there's no guarantee that would find its way through to businesses and families as people tighten their belts and hang on to any cash to pay off debts and hold off for better High Street deals.

There are realistic ways out of the recession, apart from massive government borrowing and reckless spending, if only the government and the BBC would have the guts to admit we are in one. 


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brown Gets Motivated

Meeting Mr Motivator was not exactly what the Orange Party had in mind when it accused Brown of being "busy doing nothing" but it seems the Supreme Leader has taken the words to heart as he met the TV trainer on the Downing Street sofa today.

It is always a worrying sign when a politician gets on a health kick - anyone would think Brown had a health problem. 

But Brown, keen to publicise yet another government health drive, was keen to cosy up to Mr Motivator aka Derrick Evans, who used to make the housewives swoon all a-bulgin' and a-ripplin' in tight Lycra on GMTV.

Apparently fatty Brown's New Year's resolution along with saving the world is to try to get fitter. But the sight of Brown in a pair of Lycra shorts? You can catch it on GMTV tomorrow if you dare. 

Blair played tennis and football with a dicky heart. Wilson went for long walks in the Scilly Isles trying to remember the way back. Johnson and Cameron cut a dash on their bikes. But the problem is when politicians try a health kick, they end up just looking knackered. 

Maybe Brown should take up smoking - it's a sure fire way to loose weight. Done wonders for skinny 40 fags a day man Obama. 

Still fat is still a political issue and at the moment we have to suffer a round of catchy adverts from Change4Life. Anything which puts a snappy little number in the slogan smacks of New Labour obsession with style over substance. 

Maybe one day Brown and his hapless government will get the message - it's crap food that makes the nations fat. 

But this government is bent on decimating the UK farming and agriculture industries while relying on cheap foreign food imports. Encourage crap processed food to be produced in slave labour food processing factories up and down the country stuffed with nasty trans fats,  is hardly a way to encourage healthy eating. 

What the Orange Party was getting at accusing Brown of being "busy doing nothing" was that for all the hype on the economy, nothing seems to be happening. The Tories are starting to run rings round Brown - so maybe he does need the exercise after all.

Picture:Tractor Stats


Cheap Imports Claim Another Retail Victim

Cheap Chinese imports and City greed have forced another High Street casualty as fashion brand Viyella is the latest to bite the dust. Analysts are quick to blame the biting recession for the casualties but with a flood of cheap imports on the market and business models based on borrowing, it's no wonder retail firms are going bust. 

The womenswear company Viyella has become the latest long-established company to call in the administrators. Viyella, which employs about 450 people, follows hard on the heels of Adams Kids and Waterford Wedgwood pottery, not forgetting tired old Woolies.

The closures highlight too well the plight of UK manufacturing which has been decimated over the years as the New Labour government ruthlessly encouraged cheap imported goods to boost the false feel-good factor. 

Brands, once a mainstay of the UK economy, were swallowed up in obscure take-overs, as new owners simply traded off the once respected names. 

A girl can't get enough tops for sure but the amount of clothing, leisurewear, soft furnishings and household goods now on sale on the High Street is staggering. That's apart from the fierce competition from supermarkets and superstores, all chasing dwindling customers.

For years the City fat cats have reaped the profits and diversified. Now sympathetic words from directors are no comfort to the thousands who face losing their jobs as once iconic brands go to the wall.  

Any pretence of ploughing profits back into the business disappeared as time and again the brands expanded on the back of cheap imports, propped up by a borrowing binge. 

Clothing jobs were once crucial to UK manufacturing. Then, with an eye on boosting profits, they slowly switched to using slave labour in China and the Far East. With manufacturing gone it would not be long before the retail side followed.

The jobs at Viyella are the latest on what has been a bad day all around for UK retail  jobs. Marks and Spencer announced it was closing 27 stores and cutting back at head office, with the loss of 1,230 jobs and with plunging sales is Debenhams and Next next?

The Orange Party has said time and again that the key to economic revival lies in UK manufacturing. 

Sadly even with a change in political will, it would take years to rebuild a manufacturing base. And even that stands little chance of success, while shops chase the same customers with an eye on shareholders profits and simply import the same cheap tat from China, then desperately try to out compete each other. 


Al Beeb Bias, A Hasbara From Israel

The BBC is continuing its bombardment of the UK media with Iran-backed Hamas propaganda, as Israel strikes back with a series of YouTube videos to explain their side of the conflict.

The Orange Party is becoming heartily sick of the blatant pro-Hamas bias from the BBC, most notably the highly skewed reports from middle east editor Jeremy Bowen and his band of Hamas apologists disguised as "journalists".

David Vance over at Biased BBC is clearly exasperated, writing today: "Been a busy morning for the BBC in the promotion of the Hamas cause...The BBC really are unhinged". Guido and David T over at Harry's Place are at their wits end.

Yesterday the BBC could hardly contain itself with reports of an IDF attack on a "UN school". Melanie Philips writing in the Spectator summed up the BBC's glee: "At last an Israeli massacre! The BBC straightaway parroted the Hamas/UN line – that hapless Gazan ‘refugees’ had taken shelter from the bombs in the school, only to be struck by Israeli missiles."

Of course the truth was somewhat different. According to the Jerusalem Post, this was an IDF attack on a Hamas rocket squad based in the Jabalya school. Using civilians as human shields again, the grounds were being used to fire at nearby troops. According to the IDF, the dead included members of the Hamas rocket cell. Booby-trapped bombs in the school triggered secondary explosions, killing Palestinians.

The BBC already sank to new lows in bias with yesterday's fanatical report from Gaza’s Shifa hospital by a Gazan BBC producer, Rushdi abu Alouf in collusion with Bowen, giving a platform to blatant incitement against Israel. 

With a bunch of Hamas heavies behind him, the reporter relied heavily on an interview with a Norwegian doctor Dr Mads Gilbert - a political activist hostile to Israel and a long-standing activist in the Palestinian ‘solidarity’ movement, who even supported the 9/11 attacks.

As Philips puts it: "Whether it is cynical, malicious or just plain incompetent, the BBC’s coverage of Gaza is a national disgrace."

The BBC should wake up to the fact that there are two sides to every conflict and it is innocent men, women and children who suffer on all sides. What about the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have been killed by US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? One person's 'freedom fighter' is always another person's 'terrorist'. 

In an effort to redress the balance and counter the pro-Hamas propaganda, Israel is fighting back with a 'hasbara' - to explain the sheer terror faced by Israeli civilians as Iran's backed Hamas rockets rain down on them.

Distance is only a matter of time - What if a rocket launched from Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip hit somewhere in the heart of Tel Aviv?

Residents in the city of Sderot have 15 seconds to find cover from the time the Red Alert siren sounds until a Kassam rocket hits

What would you do if you were attacked by rocket fire in London, Paris or Berlin?

Picture: Trails of smoke are seen after the launch of rockets from the central Gaza Strip towards Israel January 6, 2009. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beware The Climate Change Con Men

As our nations recover from the Big Freeze, only last week the Met Office predicted 2009 would be one of ''the five warmest years on record''. The threat of man-made global warming is being exposed as a global con to prop up the Met Office money-making machine and fuel carbon trading greed. 

The Met Office issued severe weather warnings as temperatures plunged as low as -11C overnight. Reassuringly the BBC tells us temperatures didn't "plunge", they just "dipped" and the "current cold period is expected to ease later in the week". Until of course the next big Arctic chill.

The fact that the earth is warming up, whatever,  is not an issue here. The question which amuses scientists is how much of that warming is man-made and how much is just the natural cycle as the earth whizzes around its sun. 

At the heart is the UK Met Office. Its swanky £25m PPI-funded Hadley Centre, is one of the four official sources which the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) bases all those heavily biased and scientifically dubious projections of global warming. 

The Met Office, which played a key part in setting up the IPCC, goes to great lengths to promote its favourite cause of man-made climate change.

Now the Met Office appears to be brainwashing people in collusion with eco-fundementalists at the BBC as this once respected organisation gears up for a government sell-off

As the Met Office's website boasts, its ''world-leading expertise'' enables it to provide ''an understanding of the future through risk analysis and long-range forecasting''. 

It stages seminars to equip ''professionals in Government and the public sector'' to ''dispel scepticism about climate change in your organisation''. There's a lot of money to be made out of Met Office "consultation".

Man-made global warming is popular and politicians will go along with the flow. The Orange Party is not prepared to be bullied by eco fundamentalists.

All we can say for certain is that we are responsible for only a tiny part of what's happening. Climatologists in the US reckon us that humans are responsible for only 4 - 8% of the global warming shift, with the rest of it happening naturally. 

We are fed a daily diet of gloom and doom. Climate change fuels the climate of fear and is the new weapon in a politician arsenal for Brown and his New Labour government. As he drones on about global warming, it seems people are willing to pay more in taxes to save the planet.

More insidious is carbon trading now a multi billion dollar industry. It's a red herring that won't work but when has a little thing like that got in the way of turning a fast buck. 

Carbon emissions trading has been steadily increasing in recent years. The World Bank has estimated that the size of the carbon market was $11 billion in 2005, $30 billion in 2006, and $64 billion in 2007. 

The process of buying and selling carbon credits. has spawned a huge financial and consultation industry. 

The idea that large companies or organisations are assigned a quota of carbon that they are allowed to emit create a muddle. If a company's emissions are less than its quota then it can sell credits. If emissions are more then it will need to buy carbon credits and that leaves much room for unverifiable manipulation.

According to the World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit, 374 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent were exchanged through projects in 2005, a 240% increase relative to 2004 which was itself a 41% increase relative to 2003.

Spending billions on trying to reduce carbon emissions is one giant con that is depriving third world countries of vital funds to tackle famine, HIV and other diseases. There's a fortune to be made from spreading the man-made global warming myth, while more serious issues that directly affect people are left untackled as they are no longer favour of the year.

Meanwhile, the climate-change con-men are still rushing about looking for thin and miserable polar bears to 'prove' their case and keep the public money flowing into their pockets. But polar bears are not diminishing due to global warming. They are being wiped out because of pollution, over fishing and a reckless rush for oil destroying the natural habitat. 

And the picture of the poor old bears running out of habitat on a melting iceberg? 

That was taken in the middle of the summer of 2004 by a marine biologist who thought the wind-eroded ice of the bears' perch made a dramatic picture. The bears were within an easy swim of the Alaskan coast and not, as Al Gore later spun the image, being literally forced off the planet because their world is melting.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Brown Is The One 'Busy Doing Nothing'

Brown is doing a John Major as he sets off on his pre-election meet the people tour, desperately trying to upstage political rivals, frantically trying to convince sceptical voters he's busy doing something. 

The deluded prime minister reminds the Orange Party of Bing Crosby at the mythical court of King Arthur - busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do. 

The government jibe that the Tories were the 'do nothing party' has deputy prime minister Mandleson's paw prints all over it - and that stinging criticism went deep.

But the Tories face an uphill task to try to shake off the image of a "do nothing party" as they try to come up with a few simple and less confusing messages for economic survival. And don't New Labour know it. 

As the recession bites, job security is foremost on people's minds along with how to escape the mounting, piling debt. The answer is simple - create meaningful jobs and put some cash in people's pockets. So easy to say and so difficult to do.

The natural default in times of insecurity is for voters to stick with the status quo and the government spin machine is hoping that will see them through. 

But astute political commentators have pointed out that 12 years ago today, John Major went up to Leeds to speak to businessmen at the start of his  campaign to shore up support for his failing Tory government. And that did not stop Blair and Brown romping home with a landslide victory later in the year.

Today, chancellor Darling and business secretary Mandelson have been hosting a regional economic council summit. On Thursday, the Saviour of the World has ordered his lackeys to a special cabinet in Liverpool.

The Orange Party had a quiet smile as time and again Brown was challenged for an election date on the BBC Andrew Marr love-in. Brown opted instead for "it is the furthest thing from my mind," when a simple "there will be no general election in 2009" would have been quiet sufficient, if he meant it.

The Orange Party is convinced the election is set for June of this year and the battle at the moment is between politicians who want to cling onto power until the bitter end and political strategist who know the government will be slaughtered at the polls, as unemployment rises and the recession deepens. 

Today Conservative leader David Cameron announced welcome plans to help savers, the "innocent victims" of the economy, by unveiling plans to cut tax on savings for basic rate taxpayers and pensioners.

In what seemed like a breath of fresh air,  Cameron  yet again tried to put clear water between the Tories and the failed and disasterous government.  His plans, he said, were designed to create a "less materialistic" society based on a culture of "save, save save" rather than "spend, spend spend". The country he said, was facing a "catastrophic legacy of debt and disrepair".

Brown, on the other hand, has single-handedly destroyed our saving culture but instead of new policies to encourage personal savings, his solution is yet more reckless spending.

For the Tories, having a vision - a dream - is fine but they still need to relentlessly drive home a simple and less confusing message, if they are to convince voters they are doing something by offering a real and less hurtful alternative to the government. 

Meanwhile back in Brown's cloud cuckoo land of false hope and misguided glory, voters are now sick and tired of the same old, tired Brown hype. These lyrics from old crooner Bing Crosby, from the 1949 Disney movie,  A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court ring true. 

We're busy doing nothing 
Working the whole day through 
Trying to to find lots of things 
Not to do 
We're busy doing nothing
Isn't it just crime 
We'd like to be unhappy 
But we never do have the time 


West Duped by Iran's Proxy War In Gaza

Misguided 'peace' envoys from Europe's sucker liberalism, egged on by the BBC, are bent on duping world opinion as Iran's powerful fascist religious extremists wage their war by proxy in Gaza. 

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is racing against time to isolate and destroy cowardly Hamas thugs hiding in densely populated northern Gaza, before pro-Arab and pseudo liberal international pressure imposes a half-cocked cease fire and hands victory to Iran-backed wannabe Hitlers.

The IDF knows too well the carefully planned operation to halt missile attacks on Israeli citizens will be short-lived. 

Already French president Sarkozy is strutting around the Middle East stage with nothing better to do than stick his nose into the conflict. UK prime minister Brown is happy to jump on any bandwaggon of whipped up and misplaced international condemnation in his desperate bid to win votes, capture the media and cling onto power. 

In a meticulously planed operation to limit civilian casualties, the IDF has succeeded in its first goal to slice though the Gaza strip and isolate Islamist fanatics, effectively cutting off Gaza City, from the rest of the south.

After a year of training in urban fighting, the IDF is now poised is enter the urban and densely-populated built-up areas and root out Hamas thugs hiding behind the human shields in schools, hospital and mosques. 

While US Middle East envoy Blair and US president-elect Obama remain conspicuous by their silence, the US is firmly supporting Israel and putting the blame squarely on Damascus based-Hamas. But Israel will not take a chance on any change in US policy.

Any  cease-fire is pointless without a halt to Hamas rocket fire. Israel will  sign up to an absolute cease-fire but not a half-cocked peace deal which would still allow Hamas to launch  rockets into Israel and to smuggle weapons into Gaza through its tunnel network. 

The Orange Party believes any cease-fire must recognise Israel's right to respond to any aggression over its international border and monitor the closure of Hamas' weapons-smuggling tunnels. 

The Orange Party is on record standing shoulder to shoulder with those who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but is not naive enough to believe that all wars are immoral. 

Few of the voices slamming Israel are those of true pacifists. Already we are being forced to witnesses the sickening sight of celebrity glitterati joining tens of thousands of mostly Muslim protesters in rallies held worldwide against  Israeli so-called "genocide." 

Rich celebrity rebels with a cause should heed the truism of philosopher Edmund Burke that: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 

Iran is waging a war by proxy using Damascus-based Hamas to do its dirty work and, as was pointed out here earlier, it is Hamas which has betrayed Palestine and the Palestinian cause

Israel is being confronted  by a political movement that brings together fascism with religious extremism and genocide, and that demands Jewish self-defence and international condemnation. The only message to the Palestinians should be: stop the violence.

Harrowing images from the fighting in Gaza are ultimately deceptive and displayed daily on 'al Beeb' TV. Using the misleading description of "militants", the reports show up a fundamental misunderstanding of Middle East politics. 

News feeds too come thick and fast from Arab Al Zareera TV, used with relish by the now discredited Channel 4 News, tarred forever with blatant anti-Jewish bias after allowing the disgusting spectacle of Iran's Jew-hating Iranian despot Ahmadinejad airtime during a Christmas Christian celebration. 

The BBC's bias and  thorough lack of understanding of the nature of the conflict is already causing complaints to the BBC Trust over its pro-Arab anti-Jewish coverage. 

The spin supersedes the truth and such post-modern skewed liberal moral outrage is alarmingly widespread. Such a carefree smugness and self-congratulatory superficial enlightenment is manna from heaven for the religious fanatics and their declared intent to wipe out the state of Israel.

Hamas, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, is a proxy for the real enemy in Iran. Israel's current operation against Hamas is a unique chance to deal a strategic blow to Iranian expansionism fuelled by previous confusing and mixed messages from president-elect Obama. 

The Orange Party is in no doubt that what is being played out is another shot of the Iranian revolution to install fundamental Islam across the Arab world and wipe out the state of Israel. It is that apparent unstoppable expansionism which now must be curbed. 

Iranian influence has already spread to Saudi Arabia's heavily Shiite and oil-rich eastern province and to Lebanon through Hezbollah. Even the Sunni sheikdoms of the Gulf now defer to Iran.

Iran has co-opted Hamas, a Sunni organisation closely linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, transforming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a jihad against the Jewish state. Once fortified with nuclear weapons, Iranian power in the Middle East would be complete. 

Moderate Arab leaders have been circumspect in their condemnation knowing full well that the blame for the end of the tenuous Israel-Hamas cease-fire rests with Hamas. 

Those leaders understand what many western leaders fail to grasp. The Middle East conflict is no longer just about creating a Palestinian state but about preventing the region's takeover by radical Islam. 

Above all, the goal is to ensure that Hamas is unable to proclaim victory and thereby enhance Iranian prestige in the Arab world. 

Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah was squandered through Israeli incompetence and international pressure. Hezbollah manipulated the western media by inflating the number of civilian casualties. The winner was Iran. Israel will not make that same mistake twice. 

Yet the question remains whether the international community has learned its Lebanon lesson, or will once again allow the jihadists to win. 

The international community must not be duped again. If Hamas is successful in manipulating world opinion with a premature cease-fire, its leaders will proclaim victory and continue to stockpile long-range missiles for the next round of attacks against Israeli civilians. And the next time may be too late to halt another Iran backed triumph. 

Picture: An Israeli woman walks under the damaged roof of a temporarily closed food market minutes after a rocket fired from Gaza hit Sderot.