Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Auntie Serves Up Lashings Of Brown Sauce

Dear old Auntie has been finding it all hard going as the lobbygate shit hit the fan fingering New Labour ex-ministers in the thick of it. Grovelling around to find anything to knock it off top spot and serving up lashings of Brown sauce.

The shame and scandal of New Labour ex-cabinet ministers and an expenses-ridden MP touting themselves around for hire in Lobby Land was too much to take.

The BBC has given up the ghost. The compliant state broadcaster has finally caved in to the ruthless demands of the Brown spin machine.

Taking a leaf out of the Tucker book of spin, grasping at straws to push it off the bulletins. If nothing jumps up and grabs - here's one prepared earlier. If that doesn't work - make it up.

Most of yesterday was blocked out flogging Obama's health care horse, set to be signed off breaking his election promise. Not sure that got the tongues wagging in Wigan. Then finally forced to admit defeat when the New Labour lobbygate scandal refused to lie down and die.

ITV 10pm News put 'Sam the Mam' in top spot. Something that was talked about and joked about in non-PC pub land. Political editor Bradby was lost for words with disbelief in the latest twist of the 'MPs for hire' scandal, which probably summed up the mood of voters.

Today it was time to try it on with a rehashed ruse of MPs on an expenses junket - to show how all MPs, of all parties, are at it at the taxpayers' expenses. Nope. Still didn't work.

Meanwhile 'Toenails' Robinson has been hard at work, pushing the Brown spin that the Party's suspension of the lobbying three was just payback time for trying to prise out the struggling Supreme Leader.

Seemingly oblivious that earlier Bunkered Brown was "satisfied no impropriety has occurred." Seemingly oblivious to the fact that blabbing Byers had fingered Adonis and Mandy in stitched-up squalid deals with National Express and Tesco.

In a last-ditch bid to do Downing Street's bidding, here's one Tucker prepared earlier.

Drag out the old chestnut of a dastardly Israeli diplomat booted out of the country over fake passports after those rotten Israeli hit-men got up to no good, taking out a Hamas thug.

Kol HaKavod! as some would say in Hebrew. Bananaboy Miliband decides today to throw the 'diplomat' out of the country. What a coincidence. In the murky world of spooky spies and hit-men, the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Can't help feeling a bit of BBC Israel-bashing creeping in here.

The saintly Sun recently blasted the BBC over claims of anti-Tory bias. The Orange Party wasn't sure it was that simple. More a compliant BBC News, Brown-beaten into submission in the dirty tricks world of electioneering politics which would make even Bush's Karl Rove blush.

The sooner Bottling Brown names the day and BBC News is forced back into a balanced, unbiased box the better.

Rant over. Nursie's coming with some light relief to take away the pain. Time to take the medicine and lie down in a darkened room. Fake 'Budget Day' farce from a fag-end government tomorrow.


mori said...

For God's sake, get yourself some intelligent comment. Believe me, ranting & paranoid (in 'they're out to get me') observation has it's place in today's politics, as evinced by Willie Hague, better known by his well deserved sobriquet 'Vague'. But when you devote all your time to such monosyllabic comment, you lose the audience! Spread your wings, fly --- soar.

thespecialone said...

I was listening to the BBC News programme last night before lights out. All that the beeboid teleprompt reader could mention was 'they haven't done anything wrong'. He said this so many times that it was obvious he was trying to play down the scandal. Had this been mostly senior Tories (rather than someone nobody has ever heard of), the beeboid would have taken a completely different angle.
Anonymous @ 1426 - Ashcroft was cleared but it didnt stop beeboids banging on about it for a whole week.
Morris @ 1437 - Sorry but it is enough to make me rant a lot because I am forced by law to fund this bias.

mori said...

Getting into the swing of things here -- First off, Ashcroft was cleared of NOTHING -- in effect he reneged on a solemn promise to give up 'Non-Dom' status. Was then shielded by Dave & Vague with obscure references as to his 'resident' status. We're in danger of getting into the territory of "A lie told often enough begins to take on a semblance of the truth"