Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dirt Dished On Dirty Lobbying Secret

Dispatches dished the dirt on dirty lobbying secrets. The stench of sleaze fills the House of Shame. No surprise to voters with eyes open to a greasy, greed-driven Westminster world.

Greedy New Labour ex-ministers and an expenses-riddled MP have been finally suspended from the Party of Sleaze after being caught out on the take in a lobbying sting.

Channel 4 'Dispatches' lobbygate scandal was more shocking than original revelations exposed in The Sunday Times. The blasé way ex-cabinet ministers were willing to prostitute themselves in the lobby with bare-faced cheek, at the going rate of thousands of pounds a day, just beggared belief.

Spinners claimed Bunkered Brown was satisfied there was "no impropriety". Hattie sang the same hymns in the House of Shame. But that was before Dispatches dished the dirt, exposing a Party riddled with sleaze and corruption and rotten to the core.

What shocked the Orange Party was how the four were so blatant, leaving all MPs tarred with the same dirty brush.

'Cab for hire' Byers bent over backwards to spill the beans, along with 'Healthcare' Hewitt and 'Sicknote' Moran. 'Buff' Hoon joked about living up to his name.

Crony Blair peer, Morgan, and Tory wannabe lord, Butterfill, were a couple of bit-players also fingered in the sting. No hope of ermine now for 'Fill-your-boots' Butterfill.

At the heart of the disgrace is the Byers brag that he stitched up squalid deals over National Express and Tesco food labelling with New Labour crony ministers, Adonis and Mandy. The unelected two, left wriggling around in the can of worms changing their tune, would be the last straw.

Faced with fuming backbenchers and the embarrassing truth, the lobbying 'MPs for hire' were suspended in a Downing Street damage limitation spin after Blustering Brown had earlier ruled out an inquiry. Kinda screws up the original Brown sauce that everything was hunky-dory in Lobby Land.

But would Brown bosses have rounded on the three ex-ministers if they had not been part of pathetic Blairite plots to oust the struggling Supreme Leader? Revenge it seems is a dish best served in the cold whips office.

What goes around comes around. As the Orange Party ranted on Sunday: "It's now 16 years since Phoney Pharaoh, Mohamed al-Fayed, burst the cosy, crony Westminster bubble claiming he can “hire an MP the way you hire a London taxi” while stuffing wads of cash into brown envelopes and helping to bring down a sleaze-ridden Tory government."

The squalid scandal of MPs' expenses. Now the greedy world of the lobbying politics of power and influence has been forced out into the open, hard up to a general election. All shockingly foretold in Oborne's The Triumph of the Political Class. Another dirty disgrace waiting to be exposed and a shameful greed-driven accident waiting to happen.

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