Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why Would Anyone Believe Porkie Brown?

Porkie Brown's vague election 'pledges' have a shallow, hollow ring to them. The latest in a long line of lies. But even after 13 long years of disaster and failure, some seem happy to go along with fingers in their ears.

Who in their right mind would trust the son of a highwayman to stand and then deliver? Puffed up 'pledges' written on the back of a fag packet from a fag-end government. But 'pledges' serve their purpose for the struggling Supreme Leader to come over all pseudo-statesmanlike.

The Orange Party long believed the politics of false hope and optimism is alive and well, lying in wait and living in Porkie Brown's La-La-Land. A powerful weapon to be wielded at voters.

Obama's 'Audacity of Hype' and phoney baloney Blair's 'Journey', now spun in Brown Sauce Land. The jury is still out on whether a duplicitous Dave's double act will be his swan song.

After exposing lying Brown's dreadful deceit over defence cuts, Channel 4's FactCheck has done a demolition job, exposing Brown lies on migration.

"As we found out just over a week ago he’s developed an alarming tendency to get his figures wrong," notes Cathy Newman.

Not for the first time, Newman has the bit between her teeth, running 'Brown's migration muddle' through the magnificent FactCheck. And what a load of old codswallop it turned out to be.

“Some people talk as if net inward migration is rising. In fact, it is falling – down from 237,000 in 2007, to 163,000 in 2008, to provisional figures of 147,000 last year,” was the claim from the podcast PM.

But Newman points out Porkie Brown was drawing numbers from two different sets of statistics. Cherry-picking figures to suit dodgy ends.

Even after a good spin the truth always comes out in the wash. Newman concludes: "Gordon Brown has done it again ... he’s misled the public by comparing the most flattering data for the latest year with the most unflattering data in the previous years."

State propaganda fudge, fixes and fiddles are the weapons of choice from a failed fag-end government to capture and control the media narrative.

The sham of spinning a deficit while leave a mountain of debt behind has long been a bugbear of the Orange Party and Fraser Nelson at the Spectator. Now Iain Martin at his WSJ blogs "Alistair Darling and His Genius Debt Dodge". Brown spin over debt and deficit, with rigged 'GDP' and fantasy growth. Brown lies over defence cuts. Brown lies over immigration figures.

Sly NHS cuts brought in by backdoor stealth rather than face a backlash on the doorstep. Misleading ads over fiddled policing figures, dodgy diplomas and a climate-change con pulled by the watchdogs.

Brown is a dab hand at dodgy data. Brought in by the Gang of Four to cook the books and fiddle the figures. Now lashings of Brown sauce are being poured over Westminster and Whitehall and all over election weary voters.

As to be expected, opinion polls are narrowing as the election draws nigh and voter intentions harden. But even taking the rogue New Labour supporting Kellner's YouGov out of the polling pool, the outcome is still as clear as mud.

Some suckers are happy to be taken in by the sham with an obsessive, unhealthy loyalty to the New Labour brand and the disgrace of a discredited prime minister lurking in the shadows.

The Orange Party's rule of thumb is that the ones with the most to lose are the ones banging the drum most loudly.

Spinning and trying to set a political narrative is all part of the election game. An election of policies and personality. But trust and honesty is at the heart of the election.

In a country crying out for change, voters will soon decide whether to stick with the lying Brown devil they know or the Dave they don't.

Debt graphic: Burningourmoney

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