Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Life Of Barry (Obama)

Barack or Barry? Obama or Soetoro? What's in a name? Quite a lot, if you want to be elected the most powerful person on the planet - the President of the Free World.

Pressure is mounting on the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to investigate claims that a copy of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate, posted by his campaign team on the internet, is a fake. In just over a week, since it was disclosed and highlighted by the Orange Party here, more than 5000 signatures have been added to an online petition

Meanwhile more details have emerged over his Indonesian school registration, highlighted by the Orange Party  here. The photograph of the record, by a respected Associated Press photographer, calls into question Obama/Soetoro's citizenship and eligibility to run for president. And whether he left out former names on his US bar application. 

Now a packaged news report has been posted on YouTube by the website, stuckon-stupid, from what seems to be a US news channel. Apart from the opening caption, the video seems to be a balanced report. 

Regular US voters don't give a damn about race when electing someone to high office. But after 9/11, they are paranoid about fundamental Islam. Spinning Obama/Soetoro's African-Kenyan roots, assuages any concerns. 

His campaign has been carefully orchestrated to put him on a pedestal along with highly-respected black civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, when he's nothing of the sort. But the spin works.

Both Obama/Soetoro and his campaign play up the race card - pushing him as "the first Black American President", to deflect any awkward questions. A line swallowed by much of the Main stream media (MSM). 

US voters just want the truth and they don't like to be hoodwinked. Bush's contrived victory still leaves a bitter taste. And they don't want to be taken in again.

The MSM on both sides of the Atlantic remains strangely silent. Not even holding up his background to examination. Nor ridiculing the claims as lies and smears. 

However, Cori's anti-Obama book, Obama Nation, is now the top-seller in the US book charts. Questions are being asked about his "American roots" and there are references to "Barry" buried in national newspapers. Obama/Soetoro is becoming a one-trick pony. Cool-dude Barack is turning out to be plain old Barry. And Obama the Chosen One, just Soetoro the Snake-Oil Salesman.

By declaring himself the victor after the US primaries and going on a "presumptuous and presumptive" tour ahead of the official Democrat convention (DNC) nomination, the Obama campaign neatly side-stepped the background checks made by Democrat Party officials.

As highlighted here many times before, Obama/Soetoro is the product of a slick Chicago marketing machine, packaged up by the Ad-Men and sold to the MSM as the Chosen One and Saviour. 

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Barry is 'not the Messiah'. He's just a ... (US voters will fill in the rest).


the orange party said...

A US court has been asked to stop Obama's bid for president and nomination. The lawsuit has been filed by a Democrat lawyer and Clinton supporter against Obama, the DNC and FEC.

AmandaCosta said...

Hi! great blog!

But... Why call him Barry?

the orange party said...

Like his father he was called Barry/Barack until he decided at college to drop Barry and just stick with Barack.
There's a good article about it here.