Friday, August 22, 2008

Come Back Gordon The Economy Needs You

The economy's at a standstill. GDP growth at it lowest for 16 years. It's worst than the last time we were told the economy's in meltdown. While we batten down the hatches, is our illustrious leader here helping us weather the storm? 

Well no. He's having his picture taken with the troops in Helmand and the Afghanistan president - then off to Beijing for another photocall. All to capture the headlines and be duly posted up on Brown's new No 10 website

Any small crumb of comfort or reassurance from any government minister would help ease the anxiety. But don't hold your breath. 

Although we do now have this piece of Brown reassurance that suddenly popped up  at 4.27pm in the Telegraph.

Blair was left to strut around as the world statesman while 'prudent' Brown 'looked after' the shop. But Brown can't pull off that one. For him, it's still the economy, stupid. 

It almost makes you yearn for those dulcet tones again - I'm just doing my job and looking after the economy. Or maybe not.

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