Friday, August 22, 2008

BBC's Part In McCain Homes Sting

The BBC can be so dumb and so biased. When it comes to the US elections, they really should be more careful. It's a very dirty business. The BBC has fallen for the oldest trick in the book. They were part of a sting that back-fired. 

The row, over how many homes Republican hopeful McCain has, came during an interview with reporters from the Politico web-site, who planted the question. McCain replied "I think - I'll have my staff get to you."

That's fine - all part of the tricks you'd expect in the campaign.

Quick as a flash, a video was posted on YouTube with Obama accusing McCain of enjoying a lavish lifestyle and showing he owned lots of luxury homes. 

Amazingly the BBC is quite happy to report the part it played in the sting. Its own filed report on the BBC website tells us:

"The independent (sic) internet video that triggered the row was produced by Robert Greenwald, an Obama supporter who has put together a number of web videos in support of the Democratic hopeful."

"BBC correspondent Katty Kay spoke to Mr Greenwald as he was making the video, before the furore erupted ... BBC's Katty Kay followed the makers of the video as it was being produced."

They knew what was going to happen all along. Then it all back-fired for BBC/Obama. 

In the world of negative campaigning, you don't just attack the opponent with all guns blazing. You lie in wait and ambush them with a more damaging counter-claim. And that's what the McCain camp duly did. 

Out of the back-pocket came the reply video on YouTube - accusing Obama of "getting help" from convicted Chicago crook, Tony Rezko, to buy his million-dollar mansion in Chicago. The McCain camp said a convicted felon had help Obama to buy his home.

So on the one hand, we have a rich white-haired dude who owns lots of big houses - on the other hand, we have the Chosen One who gets his luxury pad with the help of a Chicago crook.

Stay out of it BBC - you are dealing with the big boys here. 

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