Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blair And Obama-Two Peas In A Pod

Where have you seen that guy Obama before? He's been there all the time. He's called Tony Blair. They are like two peas in a pod. Both seem to have backgrounds they'd rather hide from the voters and air-brush out of history. 

For Obama, it's his citizenship and American roots. For Blair, it's his posh upbringing and public school background.

Both are lawyers and both have played around with their names. Barack Hussein Obama, formerly known as Barry Soetoro. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair - well, just call him Tony.

They speak the same hyped-up language. Both are the products of very clever marketing with an army of spin-doctors and political wonks. Promising all things to all people.

Both hijacked political parties. Tony and the gang dreamt up New Labour to take over the Labour Party. Barry is up to the same tricks with the US Democrats.

And both have some very suspicious fund-raising questions hanging over them and links to dodgy politicians and businessmen.

Both face leadership challenges and election battles. For Barry, it's the formidable Clintons and then the Republicans. For the Blairites, it's the true Labour back-lash and then the Conservatives.

And here's the rub. Both have the backing of the very powerful Murdoch media mogul.

It's as if they were born in the same manger - and both think they're the Messiah.

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Anonymous said...

Were we not told to "Beware of false Prophets"?