Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Picks Kinnock Copycat Biden

The Chosen One has chosen silver-haired windbag, Joe Biden, as his running mate for the White House. The decision was due to be revealed by text message to the Obama faithful, as part of the campaign hype to whip up interest. But in the end it was leaked out by the media.

The Obama campaign tried to wrong-foot the Clinton and McCain camps with the late announcement and the choice of an all-American guy with Washington experience. But, after Biden earlier cast doubts on Obama running for president, the McCain camp was quick to put out this YouTube put down.

Biden, with the looks of a younger McCain, has a background in law, experience of foreign policy and a reputation as a "remorseless gabber", as one columnist put it. 

Over here, he was known as the Kinnock Copycat. Biden shot to fame in 1987, when he was accused of plagiarising a speech by Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock. A video of his admission, made by rivals, cost him his shot at the presidency.

Obama-Biden (no relation to anyone else with a similar sounding name), made their first campaign appearance together at a rally in Springfield, (Illinois not Simpsonland), ahead of next week's media circus, also known as the Democrat convention (DNC).

Unlike presumptive nominee Obama, Biden was vetted by the Democrats. So it seems there are no skeletons lurking in that cupboard. In a clear snub to Clinton, she, apparently, was not even part of the vetting process. 

Faced with a revolt by Clinton delegates and McCain riding high in the polls, the Obama camp has resorted to damage limitation, with Obama-Biden being sold as the 'dream' ticket. 

The Denver DNC is a chance to show very public support for the Democrat nominee and running mate in the full glare of the media. 

But with both Obama and Clinton names in the hat, it could still go either way.

Clinton's huge band of supporters and delegates face a choice. Continue to support Clinton as the nominee, or go along with the Obama-Biden dream. 

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