Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Clinton Plotting A Convention Coup?

It doesn't bode well for Obama superstar. The great ship has lost its paddle and taking in water. Even his slick publicity machine is fighting to stop him sinking. The Messiah's empty-headed TV performance during the Saddleback debate with McCain is lingering and festering in the media. For the first time, McCain is ahead in some polls. And that leaves the field wide open for Clinton.

While the Chosen One's campaign team was hitting on McCain in TV ads, they took their eyes off the ball and didn't realise what was creeping up behind them.

Clinton has pulled a blinder here. Just suspending her campaign after the US Primaries was only the beginning. Then the full force of her strategy swung into action. 

First she managed to get Obama to wipe out her campaign debts. Next Obama's VP choice, John Edwards, was wiped out with a sordid scandal. Then she gets a roll-call vote of delegates at next week's Democrat convention (DNC) in Denver. And behind the scenes she's whipping up support.

Clinton's 18 million supporters are taking the battle to Denver. Hillary's gals are preparing for a fight. The US Primaries left a bitter taste and shattered their dreams of the first woman in the White House and they won't take that lying down. The Clintons just don't like to be beaten.

At the end of the day it will be Obama's arrogant, pompous attitude, political skulduggery and total lack of any experience that could be his downfall. Unlike the Main Stream media and the fanatical band of Obama supporters, the American people saw that coming a long while ago.

Obama, the presumptive presumptuous senator from Chicago, is due to announce his VEEP running mate on Friday. A crafty move to leave it until the last minute and capture TV coverage and headlines ahead of his huge media onslaught planned for the DNC.

Clinton strategists may, however, come up with plan B. Force Obama to chose Clinton (and her delegate votes) as his running mate. That makes her ideally placed to take over the reigns when the McCain and Clinton camps finally expose Obama for the sham he really is. Or at least give her a head start in 2012. 

One thing's for sure, never underestimate the Clintons. Bigger fish than Obama have tried and failed. Whatever the outcome, there'll be a place in the big tent for Hillary. 

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Anonymous said...

You may rest assured that the Clinton Machine is up to something with this supposedly "ceremonial" delegate vote charade. I can even envision Hil suddenly pulling out a certified copy of her birth certificate, and challenging BO to do the same, or go home. Billary and minions do not just go quietly into the night.