Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elvis Meets PM Impersonator

Teddy Bear Brown has revealed his Good Luck Charm in an election stunt at the Heartbreak Hotel. But Hound Dog Brown will be Lonesome Tonight, Poor Boy. The Orange Party is All Shook Up.

You can't keep the old tucker down. Big Al has been spinning and bigging this one up all day. Elvis is alive and well and living In The Ghetto of New Labour.

It's Now or Never as Bunkered Brown is let out of the box to fight the yellow peril and the Blue Suede Shoes. A last ditch plea to Love Me Tender. Mandy spin is Always On My Mind.

The result? Two dead men walking. Sky News is having a field day with the 'King of Election Stunts'. A gift for the tabloids and headline writers perhaps. But strange. Very strange. Return To Sender.

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