Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Days To Save Democracy

The election campaign is finally recovering after the farce of fawning media luvvies and a Westminster elite chasing the coat-tails of Wonderboy Clegg and a hung parliament rabbit down the hole of chaos.

Cameron spits out the word 'Clegg'. Brown hisses 'Liberal' between gritted teeth. Mandy sticks up for Euro-boy spinning his web of deceit as civil war breaks out in the New Labour camp.

And confused voters are left with the bizarre spectacle of smug piggy-in-the-middle Clegg leading a party in a fog, unsure of what lies beneath the surface of their telegenic Blair lookalike leader.

Voters deserve a better deal when the future of the country is at stake. Not least with looming public sector job losses and swingeing spending cuts on the horizon.

The Orange Party sensed a feeling of outrage as upstart Clegg had the bare-faced cheek to try to call the shots and dictate terms even before the votes were cast.

Coming out with outrageous comments over the weekend, refusing to "prop up" Brown in the event of a hung parliament, was an insult to voters and an insult to the democratic process.

The arrogance of the leader of a minority Westminster party, trying to dictate terms for the future prime minister rather than voters, beggared belief.

The Orange Party feared Clegg was getting too big for his boots. Holding the country to ransom before the public had been given the chance to have their say, is a dangerous pitch to make to voters.

Loyalties to both Labour and Tories won't disappear in a puff of magic Clegg smoke. At best Libdems will pick up the shaky apathy vote outside their core base.

Like it or not, the country is going into the election with a first-past-the-post voting system. Any badly hung parliament is an issue to be dealt with after the election. To set pre-conditions is an insult to parliamentary democracy.

Raising the issue before and the campaign degenerated into a muddled mess with the riders simply jockeying for position in a post-election race.

New Labour is caught between the devil and the deep red sea in a civil war between a Labour party which would never give 'liberals' house room and the Blairite social democrats who hijacked the party for their own ends who now see Two-faced Clegg as one of their own.

Mandy spin in cahoots with Campbell bigging up Clegg after the first TV debate took the heat off Brown's dismal performance. But the cunning plan backfired as the everlasting New Labour dream ticket of Blairites and Euro-boy Clegg left Broonites out in the cold.

A European-style coalition and rag, tag and bobtail alliance of jaded and faded social democrats with Mandy calling the shots with a hot line to Phoney Blair and Clegg loving every minute of it until the 'Libs' and the 'Dems' are at each other throat.

A disaster waiting to happen as Blair prop Johnson came out the traps like a shot to toe the Mandy line again on Sunday with the audacity to suggest 'power sharing' going down like a lead balloon with rank and file Labour members.

Mandy banished from the spin room for the second debate saw 'I agree with Nick', turn to 'Get real Nick'. Boogie Brown forced to get down with some dirty dancing on the dance floor with an Elvis impersonator was a nasty parting shot.

But some in the media are lovin' it. The Orange Party can almost taste the drools of excitement "Oooh, a hung parliament. How exciting". Almost the same warped gloating glee which saw the sickening spectacle of a foreign office official, Anjoum Noorani, take the mickey out of the Pope's visit.

Brown is right to try to steer the election back towards policy, backed up today by side-kick Balls. Both are fighting for their political survival and with policy comes pitfalls but it should be policy not the process of the election which decides the future direction of the country.

But banging on about the process suits the LimpDems and their sycophants. Put the wishy washy LibDem policies under scrutiny and they fall apart at the seams.

Demanding policy not process or personality brings problems for all parties. Today the Robinson, Boulton and Neil trio were left high and dry by Mandy, Balls and Cooper over how to cut the deficit.

Clear water is finally beginning to emerge between the two main Westminister parties on so many issues not least how to tackle the economic mess and immigration. Mandy has been put back in his box and forced to eat his Cleggy words.

The country's salvation rests with a strong majority government - whether that be a sea of blue or red - capable of taking tough decisions, not the wishy washy muddle of a two-bit party calling the shots.

A bit of honesty from all political parties over the massive scale of the impending cuts wouldn't go amiss.

But undecided voters have enough on their plate deciding which side of the political fence to come down on without having the waters muddied by Mandy spin and Cleverclogs Clegg and his half-baked potty policies.

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