Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Voters See Through Clegg Sham?

Searing sunlight of scrutiny is now shining on Windbag Clegg and his potty party. Brown is left grinning, while Mandy is spinning his hopes of a New Labour dream.

The wind is being knocked out of Cleverclogs Clegg's sails. Mr Popular and his one hit wonder is being unmasked as a one-trick pony propped up by Saint Vince's slipping halo and Mandy's plan for ever-lasting New Labour.

Election weary voters are frustrated, angry and bored. A seismic wave of hype keeping the Cleggmania bandwagon bouncing along may be on the wain. But Mandy's lifetime's work on the Blair Witch project could still come to fruition.

The Orange Party noted during that debate how Cocky Clegg, "slouching with hands in pockets", got up the nose of viewers. Now privileged public schoolboy Clegg is today's splash in the Torygraph, with something of the young Blair about him.

Calamity Clegg's only claim to fame is to ride high on the back of the public's disgust with politics in the wake of the MPs' expenses scandal. But Smug Clegg's claims to offer an 'alternative" to the old Westminster politics is a sham, bunging in dodgy expenses claims and airbrushing an EU lobby firm out of his CV.

The Orange Party has pointed out so often - Clegg is part of the Westminster class. A class act shamelessly exploiting the public mood. But not a class apart.

Schoolboy Clegg rang a Phoney Blair bell. LibDems opted for a Blair lookalike without Iraq baggage in the days when Blair was still flavoursome. Mandy and Campbell gave Clegg a back-handed compliment of Clegg 'style' over Brown 'substance', fanning the flames of Cleggophilia to bury Brown's walking debate disaster.

All roads lead back to spin and Brown sauce. Clegg is Mandy's secret weapon. No wonder Gordon is grinning. The classic Campbell and mischievous Mandy double act worked a treat. But time for a reality check.

Cleverclogs Clegg's claim that "all my life" he had opposed the rotten nature of the Westminster system has been laid bare today by Oborne writing in the Mail in what he describes as Clegg's "audacious fib":

"Clegg is as much part of part of the old system of corrupt politics that he pretends to be apart from … In truth, Clegg is a prime specimen of the British political class who has reinvented himself as a rebel and an outsider. Nor is his party more decent and honest than other political parties, as Clegg suggests."

Little Nick with his novelty act tapped in to the public mood in a single TV talent show but the frenzy was whipped up in the spin room with the old Tuckers working the crowds. And the media went wild for the 'underdog' making a more exciting election storyline.

Now duped by Classic Campbell and Mischievous Mandy, Cleggmania is seared on a gullible public mind and the nations branded with bullshit, as Mandy pushed Clegg's boat out and an electorate was sucked in by the spin.

Nothing will shift tribal loyalties which run deep. But up for grabs are the vast swathes of wavering voters who deserted the Tories in droves for Phoney Blair's promised land. The Dave Party is pinning its hopes on winning them back along with dozens of LibDems seats.

Talk of 'a three horse race', is nonsense. LibDems, with 63 seats, cannot pull off mission impossible. New Labour's rigged electoral advantage will leave LimpDems hanging in third place.

Tories are still winning, New Labour still losing. But while the Tories natural instinct is to ignore LibDems, the warning of 'vote Clegg and get Brown' rings true.

Cameron has a fight on his hands. But with his back to the wall, nothing beats a fighter when both his and his party's survival is at stake.

Calamity Clegg could turn into Danger Mouse, holding the balance of power without the mandate of the biggest number of seats. And that would send a shiver down the spines of the money markets. But a Lib-Lab European-style coalition leaves Mandy pulling the strings with a new European order backed up by Euroboy Clegg.

The dream of the Gang of Four to highjack the Labour Party for their own social democrat ends and screw the Tories forever with a rigged voting system could finally turn to reality.

An unholy alliance between the now defunct 'Liberal' and 'Labour' parties. Two-faced Clegg is part and parcel of that New Labour project. In time Labour tribalist Brown, brought in to cook the books, would be cast off like an old boot.

The Orange Party certainly believes the current two party stranglehold of the main Westminster parties needs to be taken by the scruff off the neck and shaken to the core. If only to remove the stench of corruption from the House of Shame.

But wishy-washy LimpDems propping up failed fag-end New Labour is a recipe for disaster. Another New Labour sandwich of all style and no substance to be munched and spewed out in the fantasy world of another useless Mandy millennium dome.

UPDATES: Mandy has declared Clegg a figure "to be taken seriously", paving the way for son of New Labour. Cathy Newman's indispensable C4 FactCheck reveals Clegg's past is coming back to haunt him.

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