Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brown Let Loose As Mandy Plan Backfires

The struggling Supreme Leader is to put himself round a bit more as the penny finally drops for the party of failure. Mandy spin was so last week. Now flagging New Labour is being forced to get to grips with the yellow peril threatening to split the dinosaur party as the fag-enders face extinction.

Election fever isn't gripping the nations but election spin is in overdrive. But the current frantic spinning around isn't about the future of one hit wonder Clegg but a civil war battle in the Labour Party between the Broonites and Mandy's Blairite dream of an ever-lasting New Labour project.

Out with the old "I agree with Nick". In with "Get real Nick", as Mandy is banished from the debate spin-room and Boogie Brown goes "up tempo" to pick up a few straggling voters. The change of tack reveals the change in strategy as New Labour jockeys for position in what was always a two horse race.

Talk of 'a three horse race', whipped up by the likes of the BBC's Robinson in an outrageous post-debate post, was a nonstarter. Even in the wildest dreams of naive fools, New Labour's rigged electoral advantage means the LibDems, with 63 seats, could never pull off mission impossible.

After being happy to go along with the hype of La-La Land, harsh reality is kicking in. The old Labour guard in the shape of Two Pies Prescott has waddled in bellowing the bleedin' obvious - this is a two-horse race. A fight to the death with the Tories.

Even the Guardian's Polly Tonybee has seen the light of day, urging Guardianista's to vote with their head not with their hearts - and give themselves a headache. Vote for Gordon, not Nick to stop Dave getting in.

The Orange Party had noted before how the election strategy was for Bunkered Brown to be let out of the box for special occasions. Sham, stage-managed set-pieces for TV News bulletins where real people played second fiddle to soundbites.

But Brown had been left grinning while Mandy was spinning his own web of post-election deceit, pinning his hopes on a New Labour dream. Clegg had been Mandy's secret weapon to push a hung parliament, giving Brown the boot and the Labour Party the elbow. The classic Campbell and mischievous Mandy double act had been working a treat.

Clegg was a pawn to be played in post-election posturing. Spin the hung parliament narrative with the dream ticket of a flabby Libby-Labby pact, where Labour tribalist Brown would be cast off like an old boot.

A European-style coalition would leavie Mandy pulling the strings with a Boney Blair dream of a New Labour order backed up by Euro-boy Clegg.

Banana-boy Miliband would be handed the PM reigns. Unelected Mandy at home with foreign affairs and his lifelong ambition to hold a great office of state. Calling the shots with a hot-line to Phoney Blair.

Now Mandy has gone rather quiet on the spinning front since declaring Wonderboy Clegg a figure "to be taken seriously", paving the way for son of New Labour.

The Orange Party has warned before The Mandy Plan was a risky election strategy. Lurking behind the scenes in the original gang of four of Blair, Campbell and Mandy is sharp pollster Gould, fearing a wipe-out. A wipe-out which now leaves New Labour pinning all hope on a repackaged touchy-feely Brown.

Only a seismic wave of hype is keeping Little Nick with his novelty act bouncing along on the Cleggmania bandwagon. Calamity Clegg bigged up to take the heat off Liability Brown was a recipe for disaster.

The joker in the pack is being been unmasked as a one-trick pony propped up by Saint Vince's slipping halo and Mandy's plan for ever-lasting New Labour. Craftily reborn as a sham rebel with a cause, up against the establishment. Clegg is part of the Westminster elite. A class act shamelessly exploiting the public mood.

'Labour' in bed with sworn enemies the 'Liberals' was never on the cards. But LibDems having a romp with New Labour is a different, dangerous kettle of fish. Another New Labour sandwich of all style and no substance.

Now the cunning plan could backfire as confused voters dump the lamentable leader and discredited LibDems, leaving both parties down in the dumps and down in the polls.

And as the race enters the final furlong, strategists believe that would leave the Dave Party set for imperial glory - victori spolia. To the victor of course go the spoils.

Top picture: Private Eye. Bottom picture: Peter Brookes, The Times.

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DeeDee99 said...

I too think bigging up Clegg is Mandelscum's plan to end up ditching Brown, installing Milipillock as Labour Leader and presenting the grusome duo as 'the acceptable face of a hung Parliament' with Mandelscum dictating policy from the shadows. He will never have a better or more plausible opportunity to ditch Brown than after the Moron has been comprehensively rejected in a General Election.

I commented as follows in The Telegraph today:

"Phil de Buquet
on April 23, 2010
at 08:09 PM

You are absolutely right that the people did not want to be shoved into the EU Superstate, or the Euro.

But that is exactly what voting LibDem will achieve - in spades. The LibDems are even more rabidly pro-EU than Labour. Clegg is an ex-EU bureaucrat; ex-MEP and his first loyalty is to the EU - otherwise he loses his EU pension!

Voting LibDem in favour of a hung Parliament will ensure that we are sucked even further into the EU because you can bet your last £10 note that Clegg will prop up Labout in Governmnent. Not with Brown at the helm though.

Mandelscum will use this as the last and best opportunity to ditch Brown (and dispose of his mini-me Balls). Brown will be told the game is up and he must resign. Clegg would rather work with our boychild Foreign Secretary Milipillock, who happens to be Mandelscum and the EU's protege, so he will be installed as the new Labour leader and our new PM. The electorate won't get a say.

Proportional Representation will be brought in to ensure that the British can never again elect a strong right-wing Government which just might stand up to Brussels. It will be game set and match to the EU.

Don't vote LibDem.
on April 24, 2010
at 10:45 AM
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Perhaps Brown, Balls and Whelan have twigged what Mandelscum is up to and are belatedly fighting back. They get rid of the hung Parliament idea and Balls may stand a chance of getting the Labour leadership - or they carry on with Mandelscum's strategy, in which case Balls can kiss goodbye to his ambitions forever.

And they call this Democracy!

Watch our for some Labour demolition jobs, Whelen-style, on Clegg and St Vince before next week's 'debate.'