Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Men In Grey Sandals Should Come For Clegg

Never mind the battle over the leadership of the Labour Party. Isn't it about time the LibDem men and women in grey sandals came for the walking disaster that is Nick Clegg? He's a bigger liability than Brown. 

The LibDems have finally woken up and smelt the Fairtrade coffee and realised a general election may be just round the corner. 

So yesterday, Clegg announced a new strategy to target resources on 50 Labour seats in a general election. That, on the day a judge issued an arrest warrant for wealthy LibDem donor Michael Brown after he jumped bail. 

You've got to hand it to the LibDems, their timing is, well, not very good.

That election strategy though is a welcome dose of reality. But in election after recent by-election, while the focus was on Conservative and SNP victory or Labour humiliation, the LibDems came nowhere. There's no reason why, with Clegg in charge (sic), things should get better at a general election.

Clegg was elected as a telegenic Blair type. Big mistake. He just huffs and puffs his way through and no one understands him or cares what he's talking about. 

And his confusing and disgraceful support over the new EU Treaty/Consitution didn't win him any friends. No one listens to Euro-boy Clegg, except his fan-club in the BBC.

It's a shame for the LibDems. They're got the ideal leader waiting there, riding consistently high in all the popularity polls. 

Vincent Cable is a real economist and gets a lot of respect. People listen to him and he knows what he's talking about.

It shouldn't be too hard to get rid of a LibDem leader. After all they've had lots of practice at it. 


Anonymous said...

Writing as a Tory, Mr Cable is one of the few MP's outside the Conservative Party who is to be taken seriously. The Bearded Wonder from the West Country MP for Tiverton?)is another. With Labour and its' core electorate estranged and the chattering classes deserting the Socialists in hordes, the LibDems have a realistic chance of becoming the natural party of Opposition. I would suggest that the three-card trick is to convince Labour's middle-class deserters that politics is not a consumer-choice activity and requires commitment, reach out to Labours' disenfranchised natural electorate, and avoid alienating your own core electorate. Once you have established yourself in Parliament, you can build to aspire to Government. Even though I'm a Tory, I wish you good luck (except in Tory-held seats) in the forthcoming GE.

Stuart King said...

Clegg's targeting of 50 Labour seats is laughable nonsense. He talks about Labour losing heartland seats to the Lib Dems whilst conveniently ignoring an embarassing fourth place finish in Glasgow East. Sure, the SNP were best placed to win the seat from Labour, but that does not explain why the Lib Dems were beaten into fourth place by the Tories.