Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Labour's Phoney War Hots Up

Brown hadn't even got round to taking off his jacket, before wannabe prime minister Harriet Harperson started to measure up the curtains at No 10. Today it was the turn of foreign secretary, David Miliband.

Miliband is making his leadership bid in the Guardian and TV, ahead of his meet-the-voters UK tour in the autumn.

Harman fired the opening shots for the big guns in the phoney war. She was in there like shot. Bossing people around, calling meetings, showing her family around the new place. And having the cheek to announce one of her pet policies, on changing murder laws, in the full glare of the TV cameras.

She even appeared on last night's BBC TV 'News' with one of those official red dispatch boxes carefully placed next to her. What's she got in there? Probably the same 'to-do' list as Miliband. No1 Plot to get rid of Brown. No2 Deny everything.

Is there anyone brave enough to put this woman in her place. She's the deputy leader of a political party, that's all. She is not the deputy prime minister. And she only got a seat in the cabinet because she's Leader of the Commons.

Apparently we only have to suffer her for a week. Then it's musical political chairs and the turn of someone else. Why not let all the contenders for prime minister have a go?

Harman's had her chance, so let's try the others. Miliboy, of course, but also Jack Straw and don't forget John Cruddas and John McDonnell to balance things out. And don't leave out the popular postie, Alan Johnson - if anyone can find him.

In his TV election broadcast speech today, Miliband is sounding more like a young Blair everyday. His spin doctors and image consultants may think they've helped create a winner - but many see him as an upstart.

Just be thankful Blair didn't give himself a peerage. Otherwise he'd be back on the sofa.

"Hi guys, what's new?"

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