Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Miliband Morphed Into Blair

Foreign secretary, David Miliband's, TV 'election' broadcast showed just how well the image consultants have done their work. Milibland is now Milibrand, the new Blair.

It's been a long process to try to rid Milibland of his school boy nerdy image. Campbell used to call him 'Brains' from TV's Thunderbirds.

Last year, as foreign secretary, Milibland had a hard time in the US from Time who thought he looked and sounded too inexperienced for the job.

But Milibland has been groomed well as the heir to Blair. Milibland is now Milibrand.

Now you can't tell the difference but the image consultants and special advisors may have got a bit carried away. 

During a TV vox pop last night, when a reporter showed a punter a photo of Milibrand to identify, the man thought it was: "that American guy who's been visiting the UK."

The US Main stream media is just beginning to wake up to the spin and hype of the Obama campaign after his Middle East and European love-in. Even the staunchly Democrat Washington Post is questioning Obama's "presumptuous" style.

Milibrand, Blair and Obama use the same kind of slick PR methods and 'time for change' slogans. But those empty words and slogans should cut no ice with voters over here or over there. 

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