Friday, August 01, 2008

How Low Can They Go In The Polls?

It's a sad state of affairs when polls show that only Blair is more popular than Brown in the Labour stakes and he'd still lose hands down to Cameron. 

But the YouGov poll in today's Daily Telegraph will offer Brown some crumbs of comfort. He may not be 'up to the job' but the wannabe prime ministers are even worse! 

None of the cabinet minister challengers flagged up in the poll would improve Labour's chances. And that includes the Milibandwaggon.

Just 15% of voters, questioned by YouGov this week, said they believe Brown is "up to the job". 

Labour trails well behind the Conservatives who are on 47% to Labour's 25%.

With Miliband as leader, Labour scores 24% against 47% for the Conservatives. Under Straw, the difference is roughly the same. 

Not surprising, with Balls as leader (why was he included?), Labour would fall to 17%, pushed into third place behind the LibDems on 18% and the Conservatives on 50%. 

Blair has bigger fish to fry and is eyeing up the new EU Presidency, but with that Blair scenario, it still would be 32% Labour to 41% Conservatives.

But many voters have started to pity Brown, according to the poll. That's another little crumb for him. 

In the US Obama/McCain race for the White House, voters are starting to prefer the 'underdog' to the 'top dog'.

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