Friday, June 27, 2008

A Very Unhappy Non-Birthday, Gordon

Brown's achieved a lot in his first year in office. He's managed to become the most unpopular politician in history, bottle a general election, alienate the country with the 10p tax fiasco, ride rough-shod over our civil liberties, sell our soul to an EU superstate and lose a couple of computer discs. Not bad going.

As Brown prepared to mark his first anniversary as prime minister, voters in Henley were being asked what they thought of him. He already knew the answer. New Labour lost its deposit and came fifth behind the Greens and the BNP.

Voters have woken up to the fact that the trouble in the economy was all his doing as chancellor. And he's managed to expose the Blair sham of the New Labour Project and ruin the Party's finances with donors and supporters deserting in droves. 

People are feeling miserable. Inflation is now at its highest for a decade. Disposable income is being eroded away as the culture of debt created and encouraged by New Labour comes home to roost.

On the steps of No 10, a year ago, Brown said: "I have heard the need for change." 

He planted the idea of change in the public's mind and they thought yes, but not with you, mate.

He handed the change to the Conservatives on a plate. It maybe Brown's birthday, but it is Cameron who gets the gift.

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