Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Gordon Is Still Brown

Brown doesn't do green. He does deals with his pals in big business. So his 'green' speech at a low carbon economy summit today, probably went down well with greedy business. You can read it here if you must! Green is just the new Brown.

After blaming everything (again) on the world  price of this and global that,  he says he wants to create a cleaner, greener economy with the least cost to consumers and a new generation of green collar jobs.

So can the new green Brown deliver?

What's 'green' about pushng through plans to make it easier for yet more expansion and another runway at Heathrow airport creating more noise and air pollution? 

What's 'green' about building thousands of new homes in the open country side and sticking an 'eco' label in front of them? 

What's 'green' about forcing us to use biofuels in our cars instead of using the fields for food? 

What's 'green' about allowing the big supermarkets to build anywhere and sell anything from anywhere in the world?

What's 'green' about spending billions of pounds on thousands of new wind farms when they'll be twice as expensive to build and maintain as coal or nuclear?

It's all not very 'green', is it?

Just put the word 'greed' in place of 'green' and there you have it. Don't be fooled. Green is the new Brown.

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