Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alexander's This Time Banned

When Scottish Labour Party leader, Wendy Alexander, famously cried out: 'Bring it on', a one-day ban from the Scottish parliament probably wasn't what she had in mind. Alexander, was referring to a referendum on Scottish Independence when she uttered the infamous remarks, which didn't go down well in the Scottish Labour Party or at Westminster. 

Alexander, sister of Brown's pal, the Westminster cabinet minister, Douglas Alexander, was embroiled in a 'donorgate' scandal involving a Jersey-registered businessman. 

Now a Holyrood standards committee says she should be banned from the Scottish parliament for one day after breaking donation rules after failing to declare 10 donations to her leadership campaign last summer on her MSP register of interests. 

Alexander said she acted on advice from Holyrood officials.

With delicious irony, Alexander was left speechless at First Minister's Questions, unable to take part after losing her voice.

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