Friday, June 27, 2008

Blatant Brown Bias At The BBC

New Labour's BBC lapdogs got themselves into a right political pickle over how to handle Brown's first year as PM and the humiliating Henley result. What did they come up with to mark the event? A small poll of Labour Party faithful and a free puff for Team Brown. 

Until 2.04pm, that hot-bed of impartiality, BBC On-Line News, stated: "The poll of 135 Labour constituency chairmen (sic) found the majority -106 - believe he is the right person to lead the party."

And that apparently was justification for the headline:

"Gordon Brown has a low key anniversary as a BBC poll suggests local Labour chairman still back him despite recent setbacks."

Er, it also meant that 15 percent of the grassroots party faithful think he is the wrong person to lead the party!

This pathetic attempt at Brown spin ran on the BBC On-Line News site from early morning until 2.04pm, after it was highlighted by the Orange Party. It was then totally rewritten into this much more thoughtful, detailed and balanced analysis. The original grovelling headline and biased item disappeared.

Meanwhile over at Nick Robinson's blog, that read like a news release from Team Brown.

"It is not that Gordon Brown, or indeed any politician, could have averted the economic crisis.

"They (Team Brown) hope that one day their man will be given credit for those long term decisions he likes to talk of so much - expanding nuclear power, speeding up the planning system and his recent efforts to improve the working of oil markets - all designed to make us a stronger economy in the long run."

Needless to say, the Orange Party's innocuous and playful post to Nick's blog was blocked  and ominously "referred for moderation." 

And the explanation? The BBC Blog Team replied:

"Postings to BBC blogs will be removed if they appear to be potentially defamatory." 

And the potentially defamatory posting?

"Are you a paid up member of the New Labour Elite, Nick? Your analysis, particularly over the economic 'crisis' and Brown's plans 'to make us a stronger economy', are both naive and misleading. Was this taken from a Team Brown press release?"

Note to the BBC Blog Team: The post asked about Nick and the political 'elite' and did not imply that he was a member of a political 'party'.


Anonymous said...

His government allow them to over-pay their well-scratched backs and they spin for him and his cronies. He who pays the piper plays the tune.

If there is one thing fellow trough-snufflers understand, it is how telling the truth to the public about one endangers them all.

the orange party said...

It seems the BBC was brought to heel in the aftermath of the 45 minute row and Hutton and told to tow the New Labour line!
In return the BBC has been allowed to spin off BBC Worldwide into a money-making venture.