Thursday, June 26, 2008

Balls and Cooper's Lame Excuse

Cabinet couple, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, may insist they have acted with the rules over their parliamentary housing allowances, but that's not the point. This is public money. They are elected and accountable. You don't expect cheap accounting tricks from senior members of the government.

Every time an MP's expenses are exposed, they fall back on the same old excuse. They acted within the rules. They haven't done anything wrong. 

Well, according to the accountant's rule-book that may be the case. But that shouldn't mean you can just play the system and claim for whatever you can get away with.

Parliament's sleaze watchdog is now investigating the married ministers, after it was claimed they had been able to "maximise" their taxpayer-funded second homes allowances, by claiming their London home was their main home.

They face a complaint that they may have broken the spirit or the letter of the rules on commons' housing allowance.

Balls, is the schools and children's secretary and Brown's side-kick. Cooper, the chief secretary to the Treasury. We should be able to trust them with our children and the economy. 

You can play the Claim Game and be within the law and not break the rules. But that doesn't make it right. 


Anonymous said...

Quote:"You can play the Claim Game and be within the law and not break the rules."

Except they weren't "within the law" because their own children went to school in London - This therefore is the place where they surely spend more time ie. main residence is London, therefore it can't be their 'second home'

the orange party said...

You are absolutely right of course!