Thursday, June 26, 2008

Abrahams? Never Heard of Him, Gov

Police investigating how over half a million pounds in 'anonymous' donations got into the hands of the Labour Party, have handed the donorgate file over to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The 'anonymous' businessman was Tyneside property developer David Abrahams, who said he gave the money through go-betweens to avoid the lime-light.

That's the same Mr Abrahams who for years had been popping up at parties having his photograph taken with the New Labour elite. 

And the same Mr Abrahams who got a front row seat for Blair's Sedgefield farewell speech. 

And the same Mr Abrahams who is well-known in north-east Labour Party politics and was trying to build a development near the A1. 

Mr Abrahams said at the time he did not know he was doing anything wrong. He gave the money to four acquaintances, who then paid the Party.

Electoral Law states than donors must use their own names when giving more than £5,000 to political parties.

Brown, at the time, promised the money would be repaid and said he knew nothing about the arrangement. In fact everybody in the New Labour inner circle said they know nothing and had never heard of Abrahams.

Including Harriet Harman, who said she took a donation in good faith and Hilary Benn who was given the nod about the dodgy donation and tore up the cheque. Labour's general secretary at the time, Peter Watt said he had known the money belonged to Mr Abrahams but was not aware that rules had been broken.

In the Watergate scandal, Deep Throat advised reporter Bob Woodward to: "Follow the money." 

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