Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Euro-Boy Clegg Set To Save The Treaty, Again

What part of 'Liberal Democratic Party' don't the LibDems understand? This afternoon they had the chance to end once and for all the undemocratic farce that is the new EU Constitution/Treaty. Fat chance with Euro-boy Clegg in charge. 

The Treaty is due be formally ratified once it passes its final stage in the House of Lords, despite the 'No' vote by the people of the Irish Republic.

The Lords, by any reasonable test of democracy, should vote to put the new Treaty and its ratification on hold.

But the LibDems helped pave the way for the new EU Treaty/Constitution when they refused to back a UK Referendum and allowed the new Treaty to pass through the commons. 

Now LibDem peers are set to vote with the New Labour elite in the Lords and allow the ratification of the Treaty to go ahead. Strange for a political party that sets its store on democratic values. 

New Labour has tried to stuff the Lords with peers promoted for 'services to the Party' but with the Conservative Lords opposing, their vote alone won't be enough to push through the EU Constitution/Treaty. 

So enter Euro-Boy Clegg - a member of the EU Political Elite if ever there was one.

But where is Clegg coming from? In the muddled, confused world of LibDem politics, the answer is crystal clear - nobody knows. 

He has all the hallmarks of the New Labour Political Class. Real name Nicholas William Peter Clegg, like many of the Political Elite shortened to the ' call me Tony' moniker.

From prep-school to public school then Cambridge, Clegg studied Archaeology and Anthropology - what the 'nice but dim' read to get into Oxbridge with weak A-level grades (Prince Charles was one too) - then a political career in the EU as MEP.

The LibDems are going nowhere in the opinion polls but have only themselves to blame. They chose a New Labour clone who looks OK on telly. And a man who has EU written all over him. 

So LibDems and Euro-Boy, do you agree that the new EU Treaty is being bulldozed through by the UK government and Brussels? Do you agree that the Irish Referendum 'No' vote was true democracy in action? 

So why on earth are you set to vote for it?

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Anonymous said...

Free Europe Constitution? Not from the governments. But from

And YOU can vote YES or NO !