Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The X-Files Strike Again

Communities secretary, Hazel Blears' laptop containing sensitive information on 'defence and extremism' has gone missing, allegedly stolen from her Salford constituency office. To lose one set of secret or sensitive files is unfortunate but to lose three in a row...

Interestingly and ominously, the BBC reports: "Nothing else was taken from the office."

So first we had some top secret documents on 'terrorism' left on a train. Handed into the BBC, not to a national newspaper nor the police.

Then another set of sensitive documents on 'terrorist funding' was left on another train and this time handed to a national newspaper, again not to the police. 

This time the sensitive documents were on Blears' laptop. 

What's she doing taking sensitive files up to Salford on a laptop? Why was the laptop left in the office and not chained to her wrist? And were all the files password protected and encrypted?

It is enough to make you wonder if this latest security breach is all part of a deliberate plan to embarrass the government.

Maybe someone out there doesn't like them.

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