Friday, June 20, 2008

Miserable 'Bummer' Harris

Smug-faced transport minister, 'Tom' Harris, says he just wanted to "kick start a debate" with his pathetic remarks on Britain's "miserable" attitude. Harris just wants to "understand". How patronising. How very New Labour. Why doesn't he just get out of his cosy bubble and talk to people.

"I want to understand why adults find it so hard to find contentment when we have so much material wealth - people seem to find it difficult to achieve real happiness", he said. What a bummer.

Sucking up to his idol Brown may well get him promotion out of the unglamorous world of transport - there may be a job going soon over at culture and media - much more his style. But it will cut no ice with real people. 

For ten years his boss has deliberately created a debt culture, where people have been forced and encouraged to spend on plastic and take out unchecked loans, to prop up the ailing economy and encourage the 'feel good factor'.

Now Brown's failed economic policies are coming home to roost. People are left with the legacy of crippling debt and there's no way out of it for them. 

Food bills, gas and electricity bills, mortgages and fuel prices are rising. But the credit card and loan repayments are eating away at the income. It doesn't add up and they are left to wonder how on earth they can get out of the debt trap. 

So now do you understand, Tom? That's why they are miserable. 

Harris is the second government minister to come out with silly remarks.

First we had 'Bloomer' Burnham and now 'Bummer' Harris. While the grinning Cheshire cat's away,  it seems all his little mice will play. 

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