Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brown Set To Tighten His Grip On Power

The new EU Treaty/Constitution has passed through the Lords and Brown has survived his last political hurdle for the time being. He can now tighten his grip on the government and the country but had better watch out for those 'events'.

Expect a cabinet reshuffle to be announced anytime soon, to give the Brownite cabinet time to settle in. Expect David Miliband's brother, Ed Miliband, to be given a more prominent position in this cabinet. 

And expect an announcement of a timetable for troop withdrawals from Iraq, to head off growing anger ahead of September's  Labour Party Conference. 

Thanks to his New Labour cronies in the Upper House and the shameful tactics of Euro-Boy Clegg and his LibDem peers, the new Treaty is due to be given the Royal Assent today, making a mockery of democracy.

Brown can now head off to meet the EU Political Elite and plot what to do about the Irish Question, how they can get round it and how they can create this new powerful EU state, with a full time president and sweeping powers over defence and trade. 

Bush, on his farewell world tour, has told EU leaders what he and the global corporations want from this EU superstate and with his allies in Brown and Blair, the US will get what it wants. 

The Treaty was the last political hurdle for Brown and he thinks he's  now got a clear run until the September Labour Party Conference. 

There are no nasty by-election surprises coming up, no back-bench revolts in the commons to test his leadership on the horizon and he can't sink any lower in the opinion polls because he's already off the scale.

He may be the 'unsinkable Gordon Brown' at the moment, but 'events', particularly economic ones, have a nasty habit of creeping up on you when you least expect them.

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