Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Bush is in London looking for his legacy on his farewell world tour. This time Brown won't dither. He will meet him, be photographed with him, touch him, sign him. Maybe they'll swap tips on what to say during both their farewell tours? 

Bush and Brown have a lot in common, with Brown even more pro-US than Blair, who will be there too to meet his old pal. 

Bush and Blair were set on destroying world peace. Brown is set on destroying this country. Bush and Blair  now seem to be in denial about the Iraq War. Brown just seems to be in denial. 

Brown is self-destructing. After bottling a General Election, dithering over Northern Rock, the 10p tax fiasco and the 42 day detention debacle, he's on a collision course with fate. 

New Labour and its ten year project is self-destructing, bringing the traditions, values, culture and civil liberties of this country down with it.

Meanwhile, as the anti-war protesters gather in London, kept at bay by the 'political police', the illustrious leaders eye up the dinner menu.

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