Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why So Prickly About 'Paul Ashcroft'?

A mysterious filthy rich figure has emerged bankrolling political parties while hiding behind a dodgy non-dom tax status. But who is 'Paul Ashcroft'?

New Labour has found a chink in the Tory armour, flogging rich Ashcroft for all he's worth. Tories are fighting back claiming non-dom Paul is bankrolling New Labour.

Attack dogs have had a field day of late, taking the Michael out of 'Cashcroft' while getting away with their own dirty little secrets, including 'Garbagegate' steel magnate Lakashmi Mittal and Brown's bunging pal, Swarj Paul.

But a namby-pamby New Labour crony moonlighting as a hard bitten Sky News presenter should have known better.

Boy George grew up into Honest Osborne a long while ago. Today he showed a pair of balls, rounding on Lukewarm Skywalker's feeding frenzy over Ashcroft's tax status.

The Orange Party is bemused. Lords a-leaping into bed with a political party is nothing new. Squirrelling away wads of cash in the Caymans to trip up the taxman is a disgrace. But hard working folk have had to put up with it through gritted teeth for years.

After sneakily postponing a law banning non-doms from bankrolling political parties until after the election, the law is finally due to change to make life difficult for non-doms to grease the palm and election pots of their favourite party.

After thirteen years in power and weeks from a general election, what first attracted the government to finally close the sable door after the horses have bolted to Belize?

Brown's pal and leadership campaign bankroller, Paul, is no stranger to Sunday Times readers, reported to have handed over £400,000 to the Party.

Last year The Times exposed the legal loophole of Paul's non-dom status for tax purposes allowing him to avoid most UK taxes. And Paul was forced to stand down as deputy Lords speaker while officials rummaged through his expenses claims.

Wealthy tax exile Mittal, one of the richest people on the planet at the centre of the 'cash for influence' Garbagegate scandal during the Blair years, has donated more than £2m to New Labour coffers.

Feeling hard up and hard done by, even LibDems have been bankrolled by non-dom Choudhrie brothers. Bless.

Helping to keep the Tory ship afloat, Ashcroft has come under the spotlight of that Labour-loving organ the Telegraph, as well the Guardian, Indy, et Big Al.

But 'Cashcroft's' donations to 'Cameron's conservatives' is peanuts compared to the cash-rich Tories election warchest.

The Sunday Times today reports Ashcroft is "striking back at smears" accusing New Labour of a carefully planned attack strategy. Er, it's called a dirty tricks general election campaign.

While newspapers and politics mix for the amusement of the media class, the Orange Party is waiting for a headline grabbing 'Ashcroft in tax scandal' in one newspaper and 'Paul in tax scandal' in another.

It's dog eat dog in the newspaper world of dodgy non-doms. Let them fight it out below the belt and above the fold. Voters don't give a monkeys. They're all as bad as each other. But that 'Paul Ashcroft' sure takes the biscuit.

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