Friday, February 19, 2010

Biased BBC Plays Politics Over Economy

Auntie is showing her political knickers in a blatant party puff, backing New Labour's highly charged political stance on spending cuts. The Orange Party suspects someone has been popping the 'happy pills'.

The Orange Party noted yesterday how the shocking state of Borrowing Brown's debt plunging to record breaking depths was buried in the BBC bulletins.

Today Brown's BBC has pulled out all the stops, reporting an FT letter from 60 odd economists backing New Labour electioneering narrative.

"More than 60 senior economists have have signed two open letters that back the chancellor's decision to delay government spending cuts until 2011," reports the BBC.

The Orange Party would even take issue with "backing the chancellor's decision". Delaying cuts, whatever, is a political hot potato even within the higher echelons of government. With Brown Balls on one side and Darling Mandy on the other.

So why is the BBC going so heavy on that letter?

20 top economists writing an open letter to the Sunday Times urging rapid cuts to the £178 billion deficit must have really got up the nose of spinners determined to keep up the 'good news' economic recovery bandwagon.

The Orange Party and many others concluded 20 top economics cannnot be wrong.

Another day and another gaggle of economists coming out with a diametrically opposite point of view. How neat is that.

Among them the usual suspects including David 'Happy Pills' Blanchflower who made his mark as a "happpiness guru" in another life. And economist and New Labour peer Maurice (Lord) Peston whose son is of course - BBC business editor Robert Peston.

No wonder election weary voters are left a tad confused.

Headlines splashed over today's Times and Telegraph don't look good for Borrowing Brown with the government on course to run up a higher budget deficit this year than basket case Greece. The first January deficit since records began in 1993.

Economists playing politics is nothing new. But this close to an election? In collusion with the BBC? Kinda takes the biscuit.

The country is clinging on by its fingertips on the brink of disaster living on borrowed time as 'recovery' spin goes down like a lead balloon.

The Orange Party suspects a dose of crony electioneering false hope and misguided optimism creeping in after popping the happy pills. But the Tories need not worry about economic catfights. They've got nakedly ambitious Beardie Branson on their side.

Update 3.23pm: The BBC is still running with the same bloody top story. Meanwhile back in the real world and a devastated North East with Corus steel workers thrown on the scrap heap: Shame on you Mandy. Shame on you Brown. And shame on you Tata.

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