Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crash Gordon's Failed 'Future Fair'

The struggling Supreme Leader has been let out of the bunker and sent to Coventry to rally the old faithful with the election slogan "a future fair for all". Just what is failed Crash Gordon's 'future fair'?

"A future fair for all" without the courtesy of a comma. Is that the best a gaggle of goatee gurus and focus groupies can come up with?

Flash Crash Gordon's retro-future funfair of rocket-powered dodgem cars, GM candy floss and hook-a-lame-duck prime minister.

After 13 years, the 'people's party' has suddenly woken up and smelt the fair-trade coffee.

But even with Truss's cute comma inserted where it hurts, "a future, fair for all" is fraught with reminders of New Labour's 13 years of total failure to make the country fairer.

Fairness? Try telling that to devastated Corus steelworkers. Shame on you Mandy and shame on you Brown.

Borrowing Brown's Big Day has been served up with the usual dollop of Brown sauce.

But the public is starting to feel edgy and insecure, knowing full well hard times are ahead whoever lands the No 10 job.

Reading the sic 'fightback' speech on Brown's BBC, there is even a begrudging plea to forgive past sins, making a pitch for the middle ground.

But those who flocked to the Party in droves to follow the hyped-up Blair dream are now deserting the fold. The politics of false hope and optimism are so last decade.

An edgy public turns into angry and frustrated voters uninterested in carefully crafted nuances of policy and meaningless slogans.

'Fairness' means so many different things to so many different people. Its use as an election slogan disappears in a fog of fudge.

An unhappy public, worried sick about jobs, blames the status quo. They are crying out for change. And that means a dose of reality and real change from the current government.

What does failed Flash Crash Gordon do after wooing them with his future fair funfair free-for-all? Eats, shoots and leaves.

Bottom picture: Private Eye

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