Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cabinet Makes Hay While Sun Shines

Cash-strapped New Labour is 'making hay while the sun shines' with blatant taxpayer funded electioneering dressed up as cabinet 'awaydays' and government monkey business. Using Pennies From Heaven is a disgraceful bid to squeeze a few votes before strict election laws kick in.

Complaints are piling up on the desk of civil service head honcho O'Donnell. But short of a stiff rebuke there's little that can be done until Bottling Brown finally calls time and names the day.

All part of the cunning strategy to capture the media narrative and force a daily diet of meaningless Downing Street drivel down the throats of an election weary public to brownbeat them into submission.

Ministerial rules are being blown apart in blatant electioneering stunts. But only when an election is called will a legal eye be cast over the governing party's use of taxpayer-funded resources.

Meanwhile weary voters face weeks of Bottling Brown clinging on until the bitter end. And a BBC willing to kowtow to the New Labour spinning 'good news' narrative.

For months civil servants have been beavering away at their master's behest.

The cabinet goes off on a jolly electioneering wheeze. Backbench MPs twist civil servants arms to come up with reams of stats on constituencies. Viewers have to suffer an endless round of shameless party political plugs dressed as public service adverts on the telly.

The Times has blown the gaff on the latest wheeze, revealing New Labour’s cunning cabinet tour of the country is being used to stage party events ahead of the election.

As Brown takes his election roadshow to the North East, it was revealed wannabe leader Harman, used a publicly funded trip to Exeter to hold an election meeting with activists.

Now Big Sis faces an investigation after admitting £650,000 spent on New Labour 'awaydays' were at the taxpayers expense. Government monkey business dressed up to drum up votes.

Meanwhile New Labour continues to highjack the airwaves, with taxpayer funded blatant political propaganda dressed up as government 'information' as part of the sham to prop up a good news feel good factor. A few were even slipped in during the break of the Brown/Moron Crying Game shame.

Tories have got wind of the sham demanding Hattie's head over her potential breach of the ministerial code. For Tories it's all deja vu, already revealing spending on biased and misleading bids to blow the trumpet for failed New Labour policies with backdoor electioneering cost taxpayers a record £214m.

Bunkered Brown is notorious for hiding away when the going gets tough. But has no problems criss-crossing the country desperately trying to pick up a few votes.

Battlebus Brown and his ministerial cronies are clearly planning to use every trick in the government book and squeeze out every ounce of taxpayers cash in the dying days of a fag-end government.

Meanwhile back on the cabinet election battlebus. It's Wednesday. It must be another marginal:

From the hustle and the bustle of the city
We'll become a pair of country folks
In a little cottage sitting pretty
We'll be Mr. and Mrs. Doakes

Take me where the daisies
Cover the country lanes
We'll make hay while the sun shines
We'll make love when it rains

Lyrics: 'We'll Make Hay While The Sun Shines' (Nacio Herb Brown/Arthur Freed). Cover: 'Pennies From Heaven', BBC/Dennis Potter.

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