Friday, February 19, 2010

Media Mourns Loss Of Pin-Up Purnell

The media is in mourning after the 'shock' departure of Blairite pin-up boy Purnell, quitting at the election and seemingly leaving a Party in shock. The Orange Party's glad to see the back of him.

With his boyish looks and Blair credentials, Purnell's shock resignation has sent shockwaves through stunned media classes hoping for a reincarnation of born-again-Blair.

Another expenses rat jumping the sinking ship? Even that isn't shocking.

Many in a deeply tribal Labour party have quite a different take, giving the fly in the ointment a flea in the ear.

The 'shock' departure of the very ex-cabinet minister is a welcome relief as much as if perma-tanned 'Liberal' Hain finally decided to quit.

Labour's tribal politics are at their best during cat fights and tearing itself apart. The Party is fighting a general election and hoping to win back at least a few deposits.

Borrowing Brown's spin over recovery is in overdrive moving into top gear with a little help from pals at the BBC.

The last thing they want is for a snivelling little oik to steal Brown's thunder and highlight the all too obvious divisions in the party. As Labour MP Bob Piper blogs: "Bloody good riddance".

The mere mention of the name Purnell leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many who have not forgotten nor forgiven him for his resignation stunt last year coming hard on the heels of the local and Euro wipeout.

The chattering classes may miss Purnell, but for many Labour activists this was an unforgivable attempt to destabilise their precious cosy government.

Purnell was cast adrift in parliament. Trying to forge a joke 'dream' ticket with left-winger Cruddas fizzled out before it has started, leaving Purnell to wander about in his dreams. A hard place to be for any politician who craves attention.

The Party had its fun with the usual knockabout comedy of Brown coups, knocked on the head by Mandy. Now for a Party so close to an election, loyalty is everything.

Blair-boy's weak comeback to Tory co-ops fell flat on its face. Too much uber-Blairite claptrap.

But you cannot keep a young Blair dog down. He's at it again inflicting damage just as the election bandwagon moves up a gear for Bunkered Brown's Big Day.

For many in the grassroots Party, Purnell represents everything which is wrong with Labour - another Blair prop along with Johnson.

Purnell belongs to the breed of social democrats who hijacked a Party which died with Smith. No wonder media luvvies love him. Now the pin-up boy is set to be airbrushed out of history - along with his fake photograph.

And what of the future? He could always morph into a LibDem, as Piper suggests. Or Owen's social democrats. Or join up with Cameron's conservatives.

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