Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fall-Guy Smith Can't Take Heat Off Brown

The heat is on Smith as vultures circle and her days are numbered, in a cunning plan to take the heat off battered Brown. For the third day running the Downing Street/BBC team tried to set the agenda, leaving the disposable home secretary at the centre of the storms. 

After a bickering Bank Holiday something had to be done to prop up doomed Brown's leadership, put the spinning house in order and deflect away from the Supreme Leader with a popularist 'narrative'. 

Who better to deliver than two homes secretary Smith. The disposable home secretary was handed the poisoned chalice for that very reason, to be cast adrift. Just what the spin doctors ordered - or so they thought. 

Fighting for her political survival, each day brings another home office announcement to try to capture the headlines. But each day the disposable homes secretary manages to shoot herself in the foot and bully-boy Brown just can't manage to come up smelling of roses. 

Today the illegal DNA database topped the BBC's influential Today programme, whose running order is fixed the night before. So how do they know what's coming up. Who tips them off? 

Using a rearguard action by friends in high places, each day put Smith firmly in the firing line as each Today announcement was rounded on. That begs the questions: why this announcement and more importantly why now?

Why pop up on Tuesday with a silly little idea of a list of the banned, including a US shock jock who's only crime is to get up her nose?

Why pop up on Wednesday to tell everyone in Manchester they can fork out £60 to have their identity nicked at the shops, while Tory and LibDems vow to put the kibosh on ID cards? 

And why pop up today to tell innocent people their DNA will be on the illegal database for another 12 years?

The answer lies with the lies of Brownballs, trying to prop up a fag-end government, salvage their own political career from the wreckage and bury bad news. 

The Orange Party brings bad tidings for Brown and Balls. It isn't working.

A dab hand at ducking responsibility and accountability, 'smearing' Balls is starting to come unstuck. First his 'sexed up' Sats shambles was exposed and today, once again, over the Baby P scandal, he stands accused of simply propping up the misguided policies and bureaucracy which lies at its failing heart. Everyone's being blamed for Baby Peter's death, except Balls.

Facing fresh allegations today over her expenses fiddle, Jackboots Jacqui's days are well and truly numbered and Balls is set up for the home office helm. 

Get all the home office bad news out of the way this week, clear the desk and the air so another truly incompetent and totally unconvincing chancer can be handed a not-so-poisoned chalice. 

But all roads lead back to battered Brown. Mauled in the commons, the Tory and LibDem leaders, aided and abetted by Tory back-benchers, rounded on his Achilles heel. His deeply flawed personality, his downright stubbornness and bully-boy tactics leave a nasty taste. 

Fresh from his YouTube comedy act, being photographed in front of swastikas drove home the message. Deluded Brown's defence was to accuse the opposition of hitting on personality not policies. 

But policy gives you plenty of wriggle-room in politics. Bunkered Brown is oblivious to the stark truth that his 'personality' will be his Downfall. 

With iffy Smiffy out of the way to spend more time with hubby along with all the nasty home office stuff, that just leaves a discredited New Labour project in a no-win situation. Damned if they ditch Brown and damned if they keep him. 

Brown and his bunch of chancers living in La-La Land can't do right for doing wrong, clinging on to the vain Blair hope that things can only get better. Fat chance. It's still the economy, stupid as today The Economist slams Brown's highly political budget tax measures as "a nasty Brown mess".

Faced with  the ignominy of relentless ridicule as mistrust and betrayal turn to anger and hatred, how do you prise power from Brown's cold dead fingers? 

Take a tip from a national treasure and Gurkha Avenger. Do a Lumley. Talk him up: He's our leader, I trust him. Call his bluff: What exactly has been promised? Get frustrated: When will he deliver? Watch him squirm.

That gorgeous gal has missed her true vocation.


Oldrightie said...

The joy of Brown's failure and Labours' downfall is tempered by the knowledge of their scorched earth debt.

Anonymous said...

Where on earth did you get that photo of Jackboots Jacqui from? Someone should talk to her about her image; the rolls of fat and huge great knockers don't look good. The fat cow needs to listen to her own Government's advice about healthy eating. Obese .. she looks like Miss Whiplash after eating several hundred Big Macs.