Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Springtime For Little Hitler

Springtime for bunkered Brown just got worse with Herr Flickr featured on the front page of powerful US website Drudge complete with grinning photograph. Scary smile, shame about the swastika.

It's turned out to be just another bad Herr day for Brown - again. 

Featuring on Drudge who's taken the lead from today's Times and splashed the PM in all his uber-glory, it's not what the spin doctor ordered. 

Back in Blighty, the deluded prime minister ducked and dived during PMQs with cries of infamy, infamy, the've all got it in for me as Tories pressed home the disarray eating away at the heart of a fag-end government and goaded the Supreme Leader over his temper tantrums. 

Cameron called on Brown to call an election now and a vote of no confidence can't be too far behind. But battered Brown tried to beat off the blows by hiding in the bunker.

Clegg too was on fine form for the LibDems with a bit of fire in his belly after his Gurkha triumph - though the commons camera angle always makes him look rather small fry. 

It's pay back time from Drudge after popular US talk radio host, Michael Savage, popped up on porno Smith's banned list of people she doesn't like: "UK banning people for what they think not do" as Drudge puts it. 

Savage is threatening to sue two homes secretary Smith for having the bare-faced cheek to lump him in with a bunch of violent nasties and is adamant he's not even planning a visit. As the plot thickens, Drudge has taken up the cause and the cudgel. 

Cross Drudge at your peril, as old man Clinton found to his cost as both Bill and the dirty washing of his dalliance with Monica L was hung out to dry.

The photograph of beleaguered Brown smiling away without a care in the world, blissfully unaware of the darkness behind him, does beg the question just who is in charge of the Downing Street press office, or even Downing Street for that matter?

How on earth Brown was allowed to be photographed in front of a wall full of children’s artwork of WWII, including several swastikas beggar's belief. There are only two Hs in school history these days - Henry and Hitler. 

The Orange Party has many liberal pals in the land of the free and free speech and is starting to feel a tad embarrassed. It really does make you feel ashamed of having to suffer a buffoon in Blighty. 

Springtime for little Hitlers and democracy? The only thing left is to sing a refrain from the Producers:

"Don't be foolish, be a smarty come and join Brown's Labour Party". Or maybe not.

Brown and his bunch of chancers living in La-La Land can't do right for doing wrong. Things can only get worse not better. But the Party is damned if they ditch Brown and damned if he stays. 

Faced with a no-win situation and the ignominy of relentless ridicule, a general election now is the only solution before it's too late and mistrust and betrayal turns to real anger and hatred from voters.

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