Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ode To Dolly Draper

Shamed spinner Derek 'Dolly' Draper has been left wandering the wilderness after quitting as 'editor' of LabourList. Full of regret and spinning to the end, his parting shot was to call on the Party to rally round Brown. 

Set up to rival other hugely popular political blogs, Draper's LabourList had a lot going for it. But it was plans for another scurrilous site, Red Rag, with grossly unfounded smears against top Tories which led to his downfall. Smeargate exposed the lies, deceit and corruption at the rotten heart of Number 10.

So Farewell Dolly Draper.
What a strange name.
Sounds a bit like Dolly the Sheep.
Were you a New Labour clone, 
Or just following the flock?

A wolf in sheep's clothing? 
Now we will never know,
As you head off into the wilderness, 
Without even a hard drive 
To remind you of the good times.

LabourList won't be the same without you.
All those nice decent people you'd lined up. 
They'll just have to find a new Labourhome,
Or leave comments on Guido with silly names.

Red Rag was a good name. 
'Tis a pity she's turned out a whore.
Branding Tory smears as "absolutely totally brilliant"
Was not one of your better ideas. 
Getting caught out by Guido even worse. 

You gave the world Smeargate 
And the BBC has given you a nice obituary.
So shave off the scruffy beard, 
Get some proper psychotherapy 
And come back a new New Labour man.

Or just Go Forth and Multiply. If that's OK.

PS: How about some smears about peers and their dirty tranny habits.


Dame Ian McBride

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