Monday, September 08, 2008

Voters Start To See Through Obama

Evidence Obama is turning into Chicago's Mr Cellophane, comes in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll, which shows the highest support for McCain, in that poll, since May. 

The poll, of registered voters, shows McCain has overtaken Obama leading 48% to 45%. The RCP average puts Obama on 45.7% and McCain on 46.7%.

Both Democrats and Rebublicans needed their conventions to put a bounce in the polls. Political commentators are putting the lead down to a better showing for the McCain campaign.

The closing weeks of the race for the White House, sees candidates out on the stump and in set-piece TV debates. 

But it will be in the media positioning, the viral internet campaigning and TV ads that will decide whether voters will see right through Him.

Commenting on the McCain media strategy, observed here on a number of occasions, Washington journalist, Peter Brown, in The Wall Street Journal, believes the public's perceived view of media bias will help the McCain campaign: 

"Among the more significant things that we learned at the Republican convention last week is that John McCain and Sarah Palin have decided that running against the news media will help them beat Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And, they are betting that although their frontal assault on the press might not go down so well in the Hamptons and in Hollywood, which are Democratic strongholds anyway, it will play in Peoria."

McCain needs to hit the magic 50% before reality overcomes media bias and the momentum kicks in. Today's polls show he is edging closer to that target.

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