Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain's Manna From Heaven From Brown BBC

Tie in Brown's ill-timed and badly thought out backing for Obama and the BBC's dodgy and biased "world poll" coming out at the same time, and McCain must be thinking he's the Chosen One - they were manna from heaven.

Both were picked up by the US media and posted by the Orange Party yesterday. Both are being derided in the US to highlight the naive bias of a UK prime minister and the BBC. And both are being told to keep their noses out of the US elections.

With friends like Brown and his track record, who needs enemies. The BBC 'World Poll', simply reinforces Obama's exotic background. Both will do Obama no favours. 

Brown gave unprecedented backing to one of the US presidential candidates in his article for the Parliamentary Monitor, which he must have signed off. Nowhere in the article does he mention McCain.

The BBC World Service/GlobeScan poll, reported here by ABC News, claims to show people around the world want Obama as president. 

But pollster GlobeScan only questioned 22,000 people by telephone and face-to-face in countries ranging from Australia to India and across Africa, Europe and South America for the BBC poll. 

Hardly a statistically valid 'poll' and a point not lost on bloggers tracking the bias of BBC/GlobeScan polls around the world.

Democrats and Republicans want to move on, but not before the McCain-Palin campaign has milked it here, claiming Obama had nicked their policies. 

Brown and the BBC have rattled the Republican's cage. Drudge is lurking in the background and he is proving to be McCain's secret weapon.

As the US election enters its closing stages, Brown and the BBC should know better. They are trying to play with the big boys. Engaging in silly little schoolboy antics shows them up as fools. 


yaosxx said...

I'm from Britain and let's face it who needs the backing of a complete loser - ie Brown - believe me we are suffering over here under him and his Labour government.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I read the article in The Monitor and find it unbelievable as to the bias for Obama, and the crassness of the wording, which resembles an early 1974 Labour text when their world was crumbling, as it is now.
Fairness for all - so we all get housing insulation - will this be offered to Brown's bunker? and will we have to pay half of it due to further increases in heating bills?