Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brown And BBC World Poll Back Obama

In an unprecedented breach of protocol, Brown has backed US presidential candidate Obama, as the release of a BBC/GlobeScan poll, claims to show people across the world chose the Chosen One as president.

The support by Brown and the BBC poll, reported by ABC News, come at the same time as polls in the US show McCain is gaining ground by the day.

The support of a UK prime minister for a US presidential candidate, so close to the US election date, is an unprecedented breach of protocol and nowhere in the article does he mention the Republican candidate, John McCain.

His comments have already drawn sharp criticism from shadow foreign secretary, William Hague.

Writing in the Parliamentary House Magazine, Parliamentary Monitor, Brown said:

"And in the electrifying US presidential campaign, it is the Democrats who are generating the ideas to help people through more difficult times. To help prevent people from losing their home, Barack Obama has proposed a Foreclosure Prevention Fund to increase emergency pre-foreclosure counselling, and help families facing repossession."

However, support by Brown doesn't auger well for Obama. Brown is often ridiculed for his 'Jonah' effect, where he brings back luck to anything he is involved with or supports. 

And the poll for Brown's BBC may provide a bonus for McCain, where Obama's exotic background is proving more of a hindrance than a help in his campaign.

Pollster GlobeScan questioned more than 22,000 people in countries ranging from Australia to India and across Africa, Europe and South America for the BBC poll.

ABC News reports that: "The margin in favour of Senator Obama ranged from 9 per cent in India to 82 per cent in Kenya, while an average of 49 per cent across the 22 countries preferred Senator Obama compared with 12 per cent preferring Senator McCain. Some four in 10 did not take a view."

In  the US, the RCP Average puts McCain on 48.3% and Obama on 45.6% a gain for McCain of 2.7. 

Brown's support for Obama and the BBC poll have been highlighted in the US by Drudge, who is well-known for exposing the Monica Lewinski affair and revealing Prince Harry in Afghanistan. 

His latest news items, which show up media bias against McCain and Palin, have been picked up by the US Main stream media. 

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