Monday, September 08, 2008

All Smiles But Cabinet Glum In Brum

The smiling faces of the cabinet are in the West Midlands today, to get "closer to the people". And if you believe that, you must be a donkey's bottom.

This is just a silly publicity stunt from Gordon "no gimmicks" Brown, dreamt up a long while ago by the army of media advisors and set in stone in the diary. 

Fancy being dragged out of your Westminster bubble to Birmingham and forced to smile for the cameras, knowing no one like you and to be told soon, some will be out of a job. 

The only one with a genuine grin will be Branson and his Virgin Trains, stuffed full of hangers-on.

There will be a chance to "listen to the people" before the kitchen sink cabinet meets, but not by putting up a few tressle tables in the Bullring.

Sure they'll listen to some people - each other. And to the photographers and film crews to catch the right side for Brown's personal web space on the No10 site.

And everyone will be on their best behaviour. Is that a government reshuffle I see before me? The Browns or the Blairs? Who cares?

This kitchen sink cabinet is rapidly going down the plug-hole. Reshuffling the government pack will deal just another dead hand.

Darling, Miliband? Balls. Whoever, whatever, the Blairite/Brown policies remain the same. The greed and selfish arrogance is set too deep.

And the voters, sorry, the people? Only the very special, carefully vetted few, will get through today's security ring of steel.

Everyone is speaking everywhere, in a carefully worked out strategy - if you can't beat them, brow-beat them.

Then, for the top dogs, it's off up the motorway in their high-speed Jags and back to Westminster for more plotting time.

And what's on that cabinet agenda?

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Cut the cabinet down to size
2. Cut out the cheap publicity stunts
3. Cut to the chase with a snap general election

Er, that's it.

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