Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wake Up BBC News On-Line!

BBC News on-line needs a wake-up call. Since early yesterday morning the "news" site has led on the Guantanamo "trial" of 9/11 suspected accomplices, as if no other news had happened - or mattered.

Even the wording is misleading. This isn't a GITMO trial, it's a US military tribunal, in Cuba of all places.

UK diplomats may have been held in Zimbabwe, an MEP admits fidddling expenses, a serving Army chief attacks the government over serving soldiers pay - but what had we at the top of the BBC on-line "news" all day - the same old story.

Maybe our man in Havana had too many daiquiris.

The item finally disappeared - completely - in the early hours of this morning, to be replaced by the shock new that Clinton and Obama have held 'surprise' talks. Yes, Clinton and Obama actually talking to each other.

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