Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blair Sets His Sights On Europe

Blair suddenly popped up at Westminster, all empty smiles, after hiding away in his luxury Jerusalem hotel. Up he popped a few weeks ago and bought another UK house, this time a country pile. Funny how EU heads of state, including Brown, meet in Brussels later this month to discuss the new EU Presidency.

When Blair was prised out of office, there was much talk about his legacy and plans for the future. Now his real plans for a lasting legacy are unfolding.

He is after one thing - to make sure he gets the job of full-time permanent EU president. And that's at the heart of the EU Constitution/Treaty.

It's all going so well. He put his old mate Mandelson into a top job in Brussels. Then, as the rotating EU president in 2005, Blair gave away the UK's rebate to grateful EU partners. And one of the last things he did in his dying days as PM was to make sure the Lisbon Treaty got though.

He won the support of new French president Sarkozy. Italian prime minister Silvio 'sleazy' Berlusconi, a big fan, was thrown out but now he's back in, rooting for his old holiday pal.

Blair must be sweating now if the Irish Republic votes 'No' in next week's referendum. This could be a set back to his plans. But any chance of a referendum in the UK has been scuppered by New Labour.

For the truth about what is really going on you have to look across the water.

Bush and the US neocons are on their way out. They need their man in Europe. Blair's links with the US go back a long way. He has never disappointed his powerful masters.

War-mongering Blair has been richly rewarded for taking this country into the illegal Iraq war and boosting profits for the huge US global corporations. But the Big Prize still awaits him.

The appointment of Blair as EU president, with powers over defence and trade, would be a US neocon's dream - the final piece of the jigsaw.

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