Monday, June 02, 2008

Brown's 42 Day Trial By Media

The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) has a chance again today to show that it is New Labour that are the 'rebels' and the highjackers of the Party. But as the 42 day detention row looms, Brown seems to have chosen to talk not to his MPs but through the media. So much for Parliamentary Party democracy.

Another backbench revolt may be brewing among the Labour MPs but today will not be the Straw that breaks Brown's back. 

Will Brown listen? Will he heck. Will he even be there? Doubtful, choosing instead to ignore the PLP and use a Murdoch newspaper as a mouthpiece, leaving his cronies to churn out  the same line in whatever media outlets are happy to be taken in. 

Brown is doing the usual. He won't touch it, meet it, sign it or do anything. And the so-called rebels? This isn't their moment. They are saving themselves for an actual vote. 

Trying to bribe Northern Ireland's DUP with a plan for 42 days internment without trial, leaves a bitter taste in everyone's mouth. 

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